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Submission + - Microsoft eOpen site down for nearly a week so far (

mauriceh writes: "Since last Monday, Dec. 7th, the Microsoft eOpen license website has been mostly "Down for Maintenance".
When we do not see this message, we still do not see most of the normal functionality.
As this is Microsoft's main channel for managing and installing licenses for products such as Server, and fo open License products for business,
this makes the company effectively "closed for business" !
Attempts to connect to:
Are redirected to:
For those who wish to activate Microsoft Business Solutions software need to obtain Software Registration keys,
and these also can not be obtained, as the site:
does not resolve, instead one gets a Microsoft Search page when we attempt to go to the Registration Keys site!
Telephone calls to their support numbers for the licensing program yield either busy signals, or a message saying one should "call back later!!"


Submission + - Configure a mail server to work with Dynamic DNS

mauriceh writes: "I am about to move our mail servers off of DNS hosted by our ISP, and on to DNS hosting through a dynamic DNS provider. I checked with some of the better known providers, such as DynDNS and TZO, for example, and they support inbound email forwarding and outbound email relaying through their mail servers. They even support non standard ports for this, which is a bonus where local ISPs are starting to block port 25, even for business customers on fixed IPs.

However there is a problem:

Typically the outbound mail is limited to some number like 5,000 messages per month.
For normal email messages this is not a problem, but when I look at my mail server logs I find a problem:
Yesterday, for an example, we received 1,100 accepted messages, and sent out about 400 emails.
BUT! We also sent out about 30,000 rejects to the upstream mail servers.
All these provider count these rejects as "messages"
At this rate we would chew up our cap in less than a day.
Of course we could stop sending rejects out, and redirect them to the "but bucket", but this worries me.
If a spammer gets a reject on "" they probably stop trying to spam that address.
If, however, there IS no reject, I am worried they will consider it a valid address, and we will get tons more spam to these invalid addresses.

Do any of you have a good suggestion for how to avoid this, while still staying inside of a reasonable message capacity limit?
Thanks in advance!"

Submission + - How secure are your stored browser passwords? (

mauriceh writes: "I recently installed the Google Chrome beta. After the installation, I went to some of my fave sites which require a login. Chrome happily knew and used my logins and passwords. WTF?? Where did it get THOSE from? Oh, yeah, from my Firefox 3.01 installation.. sure. WTF!! I have a Master Password installed on Firefox. So, just how secure ARE our stored passwords? Apparently NOT secure at all! The Chrome installer happily grabbed all of them. The exploit here is obvious. Want to own someones logins? With access to their PC, simply install Chrome. Copy the Chrome install directory to a USB stick I just tested it. Works dandy."

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