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Comment Re:Using Javascript (Score 1) 118

You fail to note one important thing. By the time the code needs refactorization, you would have changed your job three times. So it is not your problem anymore.

The original code you wrote will live on, forcing companies to offer 5$ discounts to anyone willing to install flash so that your old code could continue to run. Other companies will keep using WinXP64 so that they don't have to refactor the old code.

Comment For profit prison industry ... (Score 5, Insightful) 115

Remember we are talking about "innovation" coming from for-profit prisons.

They operate on cost plus contracts, with practically unlimited access to tax payer funds. If some court somewhere rules "inmates must have access to gym equipment", they could build a 2 million dollar gym in the prison and mop up 20% of it or build 20K gym and get 20% of that. Which one would they choose?

These prison companies charge 2 $ a minute for a phone call. Yes, in this day and age of unlimited voice and data, voice calls out of prison costs the inmates or their families 2$ a minute. Do you think this new fangled tablets are going to provided to them at reasonable costs you and I pay outside the prisons? You have not seen the twinkling dollar signs in the eyes of prison management executives.

The prison companies pressure judges to use harsh prison sentences using social media and slanted local news coverage. Lobby the legislators for minimum sentencing guidelines. Encourage law suites that will increase the cost of incarceration. More it costs, more is their margin! They also actually bribe judges to be harsh. Only a few judges like the one in Wilkes-Barry PA got caught, but that is just the tip of the iceberg.

We have to outlaw private sector prisons. It is a crying shame USA has the highest incarceration rate in the world and adding insult to injury we are paying through our noses for it.

Comment I am going to start classifying ripples. (Score 2) 28

I suddenly realize there is a huge lacuna in scientific world. When I am describing the ripples, eddies, whorls and vortices of a babbling brook, I am not able to clearly communicate a vivid description of a particularly interesting eddy using a single term. All these years when the only way we exchanged information quickly was using words we did not feel the need for it. Now that cameras are ubiquitous and images worth 1000 words are easy to capture and easier to share, suddenly I feel the need to be extraordinarily precise in the descriptions.

So wait for a few days, I will upload the first batch of 100,000 types of named eddies, whirls, whorls, ripples, waves, wavelets...

Comment Re:Good job! T-mobile (Score 1) 76

You may not like what I say here, but don't blame me. Blame the people who abused the phone system.

All these years you were getting 6000$ a year worth of phone services for 288$. Were you passing it on to customers or were you pocketing it as profit? The small business people have developed a sense of entitlement. Why everyone must act deferential and accommodate small business people. No body owes you a living, Nobody owes you a profit. I don't have to put up with robocalls so that you can make 6000$ more. You are in a business do what it takes, pay the going costs. Pass on the cost to your customers or eat your losses.

Comment When a business hates feedback .... (Score 2) 384

Most businesses spend tons and tons of money to understand their customers and try to figure out what they want. They do market research, focus group studies, test marketing, etc etc. I get constant feedback about our products related to my area of responsibility. This feedback is expensive to collect.

Hollywood is getting free feedback. Rotten tomatoes and such sites are casual comments. Netflix and Amazon prime streaming statistics are people paying money and actually watching stuff. Instead of using the feedback to improve the product, these guys are bellyaching about it.

It shows how much of their product is real and how much of it is smoke-and-mirrors. If your product is steak you can realistically gather and meet user expectations. So you would love feedback. If your product is sizzle, you would hate people who mess up the expectations.

Comment Lose anonymity, lose bargaining power. (Score 3, Insightful) 394

Companies want to extract maximum revenue from careless and casual customers and would grudgingly provide better deals to informed customers who insist on fair deals. They try to give coupons and deals to the informed customers and charge the rack rate for the customers who don't bother. Till now they could only do this at broad categories.

Once they have individualized information, all customers lose their bargaining power. They will know exactly how much you can be squeezed. Unless you are constantly on the vigil and constantly know the best price for each product, you will be taken to the cleaners.

Comment Content that you control. Very satisfying. (Score 1) 222

When my daughter was about three years old she would use an "educational" Reader Rabbit kind of software. If she spells the three letter word correctly, a line drawing would animate and make sound. B E E, zzzzz ! She would squeal with delight and repeatedly spell B E E.

She would also watch Disney cartoon animations, she liked them and enjoyed them too. But somehow the simple black and white line drawing animation produced as much delight in her as did the rich colors and fast moving animations of the Lion King or Cinderella.

I think the difference is her ability to control the action. Sitting back and dumbly drinking in whatever spews forth from the screen is one form of entertainment. But if you can control what is going on, even very simple content can be very satisfying.

Comment I am confused (Score 0) 56

Don't we call these things tidal forces? When large masses (like our Moon) moves, its gravitational influence also moves along with it. That changes the graviatational effects on other bodies near by. The general term used for this is Tidal forces. Because the ocean tides are the most common and observed phenomena due to this.

Gravitational waves on the other hand are extremely hard to observe, and they do not involve moving large massive bodies locally.

Comment Re:Two Solutions (Score 1) 266

So what kind of software and usage did your code have?

For comparison, we have 10,000 seats. Multiprocessor license. My code typically clocks 3 CPU months per year per user. The minimum config machine for our software is 16 processors, 64 GB memory, typical installation is 32 processor and 128 GB. Going with 5000 users average over 20 year span, I estimate my code has clocked around 300,000 x 30 x 86,400 cpu seconds. 860 billion cpu seconds almost. Which means our FE solver has clocked 4 trillion cpu seconds!

As of today I have 1 high priority and 58 total known defects.

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