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Comment Re:Moral: learn basic seamanship (Score 1) 140

Because i'm not a fucking idiot.

You can work out pretty much anything pretty quickly with multiplication and division by two and ten with a little addition/subtraction plus a few other tricks. I'm shitty at remembering vast amounts of data, though extremely good at working things out on the fly. I rarely remembered equations either for my physics undergrad degree, just the relationships and grasp of dimensional analysis to get there myself.

I never learned long division either, until it was required for polynomials.

Point is that the main issue with education is it's a one size fits all pile of bullshit that leaves a lot of people behind, I was damned lucky to get where I am and that's what I feel is the issue, not ipads. Handwriting is becoming all but irrelevant

Comment Re:Moral: learn basic seamanship (Score 0) 140

Pfft, I can barely handwrite and have never bothered memorising a multiplication table, I also have a Masters degree in CS and a well paying job. It's just a shift to a more relevant platform to teach with, certainly more relevant than pen and paper.

I've little doubt that your school district is indeed profoundly unwise with their policies, but adopting new tech isn't to blame there, the issues are more fundamental than that.

Comment Re:I know a simple solution: (Score 3, Interesting) 487

That's not always why.

I could pass a drug test easy, nothing I do stays in my system longer than 2-3 days, I don't smoke cannabis and never have. I do however take great issue with any employer wanting access to my urine, it's a step into my personal life I'm unwilling to allow them to take.

I can see the logic for testing where you'll be responsible for other peoples lives, but it's not like they ban you from drinking is it? It's inconsistent.

Comment Re:Make it illegal (Score 1) 1199

As we can see from the prohibition of illegal drugs, this totally solves the problem!

I really shudder to think what the result of making nicotine illegal would be, given it's one of the most addictive substances in the world. I presume it would make the havoc that the illicit cocaine trade wrecks on south american look miniscule.

Comment Re:probably should have been lowered anyway (Score 2) 1239

The money supply inflates exponentially, so yes every debt ceiling raise will tend towards being the biggest ever. Let's see them on a dimensionless scale by dividing by something of equal measure, say GDP.

Dimensional analysis should be required learning in high school :/

Dimensional analysis isn't taught in high school!? Seriously!?

Jeeze. That would explain a whole bunch about what's wrong with the world.

Comment Re:As powerful? (Score 2) 267

If you'll excuse my off-topic pedantry.....

When the quoted poster says "the same cpu" he doesn't mean the same die, he means the Power Processing Element within the cell is basically the same as the three cores in the xenon in the xbox 360. This is largely true, the only thing he missed out is the cache difference


The "slightly modified" comment corresponds to the fact that the Xenon contains VMX units whereas the cell does not as the SPE units are essentially supercharged VMX units.

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