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Comment Re:Alcohol (Score 1) 920

As we saw with prohibition, it's really hard to take a popular drug that is legal and make it illegal. Cigarettes are way worse than weed, but it would be extremely difficult and probably ineffective to ban them. Weed on the other hand is already illegal, so the government can keep it illegal if they want to.

We Finally Know Why Oil and Water Don't Mix 222

CoveredTrax writes "Everyone knows oil and water don't mix. It's a simple concept, sure, but the hydrophobic interactions between fats and water are crucial to the mechanics of microbiology. The weird thing is, the base theories of chemistry suggest that there's no reason oil and water shouldn't mix, even though it's obvious that's not the case. Now there's an explanation: a team of chemical engineers at the University of California, Santa Barbara have defined an equation that measures a compound's hydrophobic character. It's the first such equation of its kind."

Comment It will put a dent in it (Score 2) 284

People have to be somewhat computer savy to use the work-arounds mentioned here. While people who read slashdot could easily circumvent these DNS restrictions, the typical Internet user would struggle to do so. This kind of law would put a dent in the piracy, but it would not stop it. Any computer-savy pirate could circumvent the laws, but not everyone could.

Comment Re:How Microsoft of Them (Score 1) 250

It's not like Google came around with a potential competitor and Facebook banned exporting friends out of fear. Facebook has always banned any application that allowed you to export friends. Maybe they do it out of fear, but they wrote it into their TOS. Banning the Google application is the rule, not the exception.

Comment Train the and then get rid of them? (Score 1) 791

We have one of the best university systems in the world. We train many Americans and foreign students in numerous fields. So why, when those same foreign students want to stay in America to help our economy, we kick them out. By restricting highly-skilled foreign workers from working in America, we are giving up the opportunity for them to help our own economy and start new businesses that will create many jobs.

Comment He clearly violated the law (Score 1) 844

I don't understand why this isn't more clear cut. He broke the law by releasing classified documents. If someone who worked for your billion dollar company suddenly decided that he was pissed off and would open-source all of your proprietary code, people shouldn't suddenly say that he is innocent. Now he's also in the military and the laws in the military are way more strict about doing anything harmful to your country. He broke the law and now he will be punished for it. Prosecuting Assange is a much less clear-cut case because it is unclear whether or not he broke a US law.

Why Anonymous Can't Take Down 392

suraj.sun writes "The website-attacking group 'Anonymous' tried and failed to take down on Thursday. The group's vengeance horde quickly found out something techies have known for years: Amazon, which has built one of the world's most invincible websites, is almost impossible to crash.... Anonymous quickly figured that out. Less than an hour after setting its sights on Amazon, the group's organizers called off the attempt. 'We don't have enough forces,' they tweeted."

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