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Comment does not work (Score 2) 390

"consumers should be driving the market"

In a country where a limited number of internet providers have a virtual monopoly? How well did it work when it was tried with the phone companies in last century? I'm all for free market, when it works, but in this case it clearly does not. Just look at the prices and compare them with any country with a real internet provider competition if you don't believe.

Comment selection bias? (Score 1) 152

If you get a surgery on a weekend, likely there was a reason why it could not be postponed to Monday. No wonder that many of the surgeries that could not be postponed end badly.

And maybe the same thing applies to Fridays to some degree. Less critical surgeries are probably pushed to Monday, to avoid post-op care during the weekend if possible.

Comment I would really enjoy responding to that request (Score 1) 227

Dear Sirs, While we do not plan any monetary compensation for the outgoing links to your website, we would be partial to a barter deal. In compensation to our linking of your web site, you may publish any number of full page ads for our web site in your newspaper, free of charge.
Dear Sirs, Thank you for your kind offer to pay us for linking to your web site. While we often get requests from various parties to link to their web site, and while we understand that such links are valuable to you and help you increase your advertising revenue, we do not accept compensation for it as a matter of policy. Therefore we are happy to assure you we will continue to link you your site free of charge. We would however accept a token gift of appreciation, like a cake or flowers for our staff, if you wish to share a small part of the revenue you earned thanks to us.
Dear Sirs, We have noted that you no longer wish to be linked from our web site. While we do not understand why you would want to decrease the number of visitors to your web site, it's your tree and feel free to hang yourself on it. We have removed all links in question and set up a filter to make sure we never link you again, and will recommend our business partners to do the same.
The only problem is, which approach to choose :)
(not native speaker, sorry for clumsy english while trying to sound official)

Comment Re:nonsense (Score 1) 356

There is a difference between being *called* windows and *having* windows. Yes, of course window-based system existed before microsoft copied them. But here we are concerned only with the name. (And no, if one says "windows" he never means the x-window system, and it never was so. It was "X" or "X-Windows" or "X-Window", never "windows".)

Comment nonsense (Score 1, Insightful) 356

Nonsense, when you say "windows" in the OS context, you always mean Microsoft Windows. The term has not become generic, that would mean that people use "windows" to refer to OS that is not in fact Microsoft Windows. On the other hand, you could easily say "app store" and mean the android application repository. The term has not even become generic, it has always been generic. It never exclusively referred to Apple app store.

Comment democracy? (Score 1) 1128

As someone who does not live in USA, I have to ask: Can you still call this "democracy"? I thought the point of elections was people choosing the candidate who they think is best. Now you are voting for the worst candidate in order to get one of the better candidates out of the way. A few years ago you had the candidate who most people voted for lose the elections. And even if everything works fine, you still choose from a very limited set of candidates, offered by two major parties.

As a programmer, I see the specification is "choose the person wanted by most citizens for president", but the algorithm is a bit too complicated and obviously does not work according to the specification.

(preemptive comment; Yeah, who am I to talk, I am probably some European commie anyway.)

Comment Re:What the hell? (Score 1) 646

Then TFA is talking nonsense, sugar contains glucose and fructose in similar ratio as HFCS, the difference is that they are bonded into sucrose molecules by a weak bond. Sucrose is broken down to fructose and glucose in your digestive system and from that point there is really little difference between digesting sugar or HFCS.

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