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Comment ech (Score 3, Insightful) 428

That's just showing a complete lack of understanding how Uber works. In case of emergency like this one, would you rather pay more for your fare, or wait indefinitely because there are not enough drivers? Those are the only two options. I personally would prefer pay more.

The way of getting more Uber drivers is to pay them more to incentivize them to come to work. If there is a sudden rise in demand, there will be a sudden increase in price.

This whole discussion is absurd for someone who has lived in a socialist country. If you keep the prices constant no matter what is the demand, it only results in empty shops. You can't cheat the market forces.

Comment don't think so (Score 1) 206

There are multiple reasons why I wouldn't want to use my phone to pay for stuff. The three most important ones for me are:
1. Paying with the phone is cumbersome when compared to paying with a contactless card
2. My phone battery sometimes dies, and I would hate to lose access to my money when it happens.
3. I use my phone for two factor authentication with my bank, and having the phone also have access to my bank account defeats the purpose of two factor authentication.

Of course, if I lived in the States, where they are just now implementing chip-and-pin and don't have contactless cards at all, paying by phone might look like an improvement. But it's just not the way to go. If you insist on paying with your phone, you can just get a contactless card in the form of a small sticker that you can stick on your phone or on anything else that you carry with you always. It will never run out of battery, and a hacker will never be able to access it through your phone.

Comment Can we stop the paranoia? (Score 1) 275

Do you realize how much testing must go in to checking that all possible combinations of patches work correctly together? This is clearly just cutting the costs of supporting older systems. Now there are no combinations, since each patch gets Windows to the same state, so they only have to test one thing a month. This also means they can test it properly, so you have lower probability that installing a patch breaks your system, which means lower support costs as well.

This is consistent with their effort to move everyone to the latest Windows version, so they don't have to support Windows 7 for 15 years like they had to with Windows XP. They have clearly checked their accounting and found how much money is being spent because of the complicated way they support old versions, and now they are decreasing those costs.

Also, this is the exact same way most other companies release updates. You don't see Adobe giving you the option of selecting which individual DLLs you want to patch in Photoshop. Microsoft is just moving towards the same patching plan other companies already use.

Sometimes I wonder if any Slashdot readers work in actual software companies. Because if you have real world experience with software development, you understand why this is done.

(I am not assiciated with Microsoft in any way)

Comment does not work (Score 2) 390

"consumers should be driving the market"

In a country where a limited number of internet providers have a virtual monopoly? How well did it work when it was tried with the phone companies in last century? I'm all for free market, when it works, but in this case it clearly does not. Just look at the prices and compare them with any country with a real internet provider competition if you don't believe.

Comment selection bias? (Score 1) 152

If you get a surgery on a weekend, likely there was a reason why it could not be postponed to Monday. No wonder that many of the surgeries that could not be postponed end badly.

And maybe the same thing applies to Fridays to some degree. Less critical surgeries are probably pushed to Monday, to avoid post-op care during the weekend if possible.

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