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Comment Re:memory loss defence? (Score 2) 602

I have to assume that they're getting some lump sum payment as part of the severance package, and getting that payment is contingent on agreeing to offer support later without *further* compensation.

Otherwise, you'd be an idiot to agree to it-- enforceable or not-- and who wants idiots providing operational support down the road?

Comment Old news? (Score 1) 121

This is pretty much old news, going back to the leaked document that gawker got in 2012 (

What I can't tell for sure, and as someone not particularly affiliated with the Kurdish or Turkish causes, haven't experienced directly, is Facebook applying all of these standards (e.g. denigration of Ataturk) to all Facebook users, or does it only affect users from Turkey?

That is, if I post something denigrating Ataturk, will they potentially block it entirely or just block it in Turkey? If it's the latter, well, that's unfortunate, but that's Turkey's anti-free speech laws. If it's the former, that's especially repulsive, and basically pushes Facebook to the least-common denominator of free speech.

At any rate, the Turkish government's sensitivity to "insults" against Ataturk are somewhat ironic, since Erdogan is doing everything he can to spit on Ataturk's policy of strict secularism.

Comment Learn something new every day (Score 1) 296

Today I learned that Amazon is the only employer in Seattle, and apparently the sole driver of Seattle's skyrocketing economy.

Way to go, Amazon!

As for you, Jeff, why don't you do everyone in Seattle a favor, and instead of complaining about how terrible Seattle is becoming for your dating life and your aesthetics, move the hell out?

Comment Re: To Summarize (Score 2) 211

From what I can tell, Amazon is still offering the products for sale, but not stocking it as they don't have a contract with the publisher. So if you buy one of the books not in stock, they have to order it from the publisher on demand.

I don't see why a retailer should unilaterally compromise their business (stocking large quantities of books without a contract from the supplier) in order to serve customers just because the publisher doesn't accept the proposed terms.

Both companies are playing hardball maybe, but the fact is there's no supplier contract and that's what's they need to agree upon for business to proceed as usual. In the meantime, there's plenty of other places one can buy Hachette's books from.

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