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Comment I'm a New Yorker and I for one am pissed (Score 1) 306

Two days ago, the MTA transportation committed to a cut eliminating the W subway line, shortening others, also eliminating buse lines, and benefits for students, etc. Worse, it is just the beginning of further cuts to tackle their $1 billion deficit.

If you really care about your workers, which is more important - making sure they make it to work on time, or making sure they have the means to get there in the first place?


Comment History outside of Texas? (Score 1) 999

I graduated HS in 2003 and until the 8th grade in San Antonio, we were taught Texas History, and something called "Social Studies", which was mostly about contemporary national politics. The curriculum may be biased, but a first step should include teaching kids earlier on about the rest of the world. Seriously, before arguing, all you non-Texans should first realize that most Texans are still silently plotting how we can secede from the Union.

Comment Related: Recent Gmail Hack (Score 1) 687

Mine and many other gmail accounts were recently phished from an attacker in China. There was no Gmail team response from our forum enquiry, and my trust in Google has diminished. Wonder if it was related. link to Help Forum post:

Comment Adobe is great at this (Score 1) 757

Since Photoshop 4, I have been impressed by each version Adobe releases. Besides a few extra nifty tools, each one feels a bit more intuitive and streamlined. I could have done the same things in older versions, sure, but it in double the time, etc. IMO their ability to understand needs from multiple kinds of users is what has kept them popular and makes me happy to give my monies. -matt

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