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Comment Re:Undiscardable student loans (Score 1) 364

The simple solution to the first concern is to make lenders only consider things like school, degree program, etc. No race/sex, no "how rich are your parents" questions. It would be even better if they just posted transparent rate schedules for every covered college and degree, since that would make it easier to shop around and compare (both for loan providers and colleges).

Comment Re: suure (Score 1) 347

Not necessarily true. What if none of the networking devices work out of the box? There's also often oddball hardware that requires a driver than Windows doesn't find automatically, or even hardware where Windows tries to install too new of a driver version (as the new version dropped support for that particular piece of HW).

Comment Re:Nonsense (Score 1) 124

And that's the point of TFA. More email senders have to set up DMARC, et al. When enough have set up DMARC, then it will be possible for your server to reject most spam.

DMARC isn't really a spam filtering system (nor are its components SPF and DKIM), just an "is this email from foo@bar.com actually from bar.com". If I'm getting spam from ilovespam.com it's not going to do much good.

Comment Re:flip flops (Score 1) 523

Most of his endorsement switches haven't been for reasons of new information (although the Clinton estate tax plan was one of them), but have been for his safety or image. Seems it's more of a play to point out how absurd it is that we figuratively skin people alive for their endorsements, especially in an election cycle where every candidate, even the two biggest third party ones, are mostly trash.

Comment Re:Universities aren't completely honest either (Score 1) 420

Easy solution: fix student loans. Repeal the laws that make student loan debt persist through bankruptcy in most cases. This would force student loan providers, just like every other lender in the world, take risk into account when deciding whether to give a loan or not (and at what interest rate). That way, if University A charges $50k for a degree, but University B charges $40k for a better degree, nobody will want to give loans for college A, thus forcing them to either get their act together or lower their tuition. It would also clamp down on the less useful degrees, since lenders would be much more willing to give loans for STEM degrees with job prospects than underwater basket weaving. As it stands, there simply isn't enough of an incentive for higher education to compete on the basis of price, nor is there an incentive for student loan providers to deny anyone a loan.

Comment Re:How to enforce return without DRM? (Score 1) 153

But that doesn't matter, because it only requires ONE determined person to crack the DRM and upload it to their preferred den of piracy. The average user has no need to break the DRM, because either they're a paying customer of the service with no plans to cancel thus have no need to break the DRM to begin with, or they're not a paying customer in which case they would be getting it from a different source entirely.

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