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Comment Re:Fashion Accessory? (Score 1) 472

It's true that if you want to run Linux on a random machine, it might not work. But if you do some research beforehand, you can find hardware that it works fine on. Dell even has a few business laptops (so not their consumer crap) that can be ordered with Linux to shave $100 off the price. I'd assume it works fairly well on those machines if it comes with them.

Comment Re:A step back towards sanity (Score 1) 128

- Is there any need to drag the window around? No, because you cannot actually drag a maximised window without restoring it, which can be done using the restore button.

So an extra click for zero benefit? In most WMs, MS Windows included, dragging a maximized window will restore it and start dragging all in one go. You also have the ability to drag it to another monitor, or to drag it to the far left or right to "maximize" it to half the monitor. Sure, most of these can be done with keyboard shortcuts, but so can switching between tabs.

Comment Re:A step back towards sanity (Score 1) 128

But the problem is that putting something at the top requires bumping something else off the top. So you have to pick between tab bar (best for browsing), menu bar (best for most non-browser programs), and the title bar (best for when you drag windows around a lot, e.g. multiple monitors). However, in browsing, the title bar is often the only place where you can actually see the full window title, other than hovering over an individual tab.

Comment Re:Reaching the limits of the unlimited (Score 1) 422

But there already IS a limit, because you have limited bandwidth. If I only have a 10mbit connection, then I can only use 3TB a month even if I max out the connection 24/7. Same thing with an "all you can eat": my stomach has limited volume, therefore I can't actually eat an unlimited amount.

Comment Re:That huge cost (Score 1) 1145

But it's not putting 3 trillion into a pit and burning it. People will spend that 3 trillion on things. I'd rather have this than pork barrels because this at least is individual people deciding what to spend their money on (which is a tenet of capitalism, people spend money on things that provide them utility (and thus vote with their wallet) rather than someone else deciding for them).

Comment Re:Soros? (Score 1) 1145

These are just nonsense numbers: is $10,000/yr a basic income? That won't even get you housing the last time I checked.

10k a year is plenty if it's in a reasonably-priced area. People aren't entitled to live somewhere expensive. You can easily get a 2-bedroom apartment for no more than 1,000/month in a cheap area and get a roommate. Even cheaper if you go for 3 bedrooms.

Comment Re:please just go all the way to the C++ mode (Score 1) 523

Am I the only one who wishes languages had different semantics for disabling code versus actual comments? Sometimes it's nice to have, plus it helps avoid the issue of having a block of code with a /* */ comment in it, then putting another /* */ around that block of code to disable it, only to find out that the first */ closed the outer comment.

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