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Comment Re:Reaching the limits of the unlimited (Score 1) 409

But there already IS a limit, because you have limited bandwidth. If I only have a 10mbit connection, then I can only use 3TB a month even if I max out the connection 24/7. Same thing with an "all you can eat": my stomach has limited volume, therefore I can't actually eat an unlimited amount.

Comment Re:That huge cost (Score 1) 1127

But it's not putting 3 trillion into a pit and burning it. People will spend that 3 trillion on things. I'd rather have this than pork barrels because this at least is individual people deciding what to spend their money on (which is a tenet of capitalism, people spend money on things that provide them utility (and thus vote with their wallet) rather than someone else deciding for them).

Comment Re:Soros? (Score 1) 1127

These are just nonsense numbers: is $10,000/yr a basic income? That won't even get you housing the last time I checked.

10k a year is plenty if it's in a reasonably-priced area. People aren't entitled to live somewhere expensive. You can easily get a 2-bedroom apartment for no more than 1,000/month in a cheap area and get a roommate. Even cheaper if you go for 3 bedrooms.

Comment Re:please just go all the way to the C++ mode (Score 1) 523

Am I the only one who wishes languages had different semantics for disabling code versus actual comments? Sometimes it's nice to have, plus it helps avoid the issue of having a block of code with a /* */ comment in it, then putting another /* */ around that block of code to disable it, only to find out that the first */ closed the outer comment.

Comment Re:i expect great products from mozilla (Score 1) 144

Mozilla of 10 years ago probably could have blown 90% of the 1 billion on hooker and blow and still made the world's best browser. Mozilla of today would probably do better with less funding because it just goes into finding innovative new ways to make awful UIs, break addons, and add features nobody wants.

Comment Re:Blizzard takes games seriously (Score 1) 250

I went through and read the actual suit since as usual the summary is garbage. Blizzard is 90% blowing smoke here, but the claims that actually have some merit are:

1. Intentional interference with contractual relations: since cheating is against the EULA, they are facilitating other people violating EULAs.
2. Since the cheat makers themselves were violating the EULA by developing/testing cheats, they were thus infringing copyright.

The rest of the claims require some major mental gymnastics, like claiming that when the cheat modifies the workings of the game (unclear as to whether it actually does that, or just reads memory and creates on overlay), it constitutes a derivative work. But the claims that do have merit are actually a pretty crafty end run.

However, the implication of #2 is that if someone cheats at a game, they are on the hook for piracy. Pretty scary precedent especially in situations where it's not 100% clear what constitutes a cheat.

Comment Re:There's a contradiction there. (Score 1) 250

Sure, there's lost sales. But plenty of things cause lost sales, even completely legal things. Legitimate competition causes lost sales. A bunch of people protesting legally outside a store might reduce their sales. Noisy construction going on near a business might discourage people from going there. Lost sales alone can't be the litmus test for whether something is actionable or not.

Comment Re:Blizzard takes games seriously (Score 1) 250

While I'm glad a game company is doing something about cheating, I don't think their logic is quite sound here. Unfair competition? Anti-circumvention? Gimme a break, it sounds like they're just throwing a bunch of charges around and seeing what sticks. "Defendants are attempting to destroy or irreparably harm that game before it even has had a chance to fully flourish" Really? Weren't they just bragging about how it already sold 10 million copies or some other huge number?

Comment Re:This should be interesting. (Score 1) 202

So put the solar panels above the roadway. Something like this but scaled up over the entire road rather than just a bike lane. The main disadvantage of roadway solar panels is that they can't be angled thus are inherently less efficient, but putting them above lets you angle them. Plus it requires no change to the road technology itself (that problem has been solved for a while).

Comment Re: And she gets away with it... (Score 1) 1010

Maybe not. The fact that Bernie hasn't outright endorsed Hillary and stayed in so long, combined with Trump not making as big of a deal as you'd expect over his slipping poll numbers, should tell you that maybe they know something we don't with regards to Hillary. I'd say there's a small chance she'll still be prosecuted, and/or some other major scandal comes out.

Comment Re:WOW! (Score 3, Interesting) 74

True, but keep in mind that what matters is not just bandwidth, but bandwidth*time. If you have 100Mhz of spectrum to use, and user A and user B each get 50Mhz, let's say this gives them each 50mb/s of bandwidth. But if we let them both use all 100Mhz, then they each get 100mb/s peak bandwidth, while still having ~50mb/s each if it's congested. So if each of them has a fixed amount of data that they want to transfer, they use the same bandwidth*time as before. It only becomes a problem if you have a bandwidth hog who will use any available bandwidth you give them.

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