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Comment Re:What's the difference between Valve and Steam? (Score 2) 374

Steam is the program/service used for a large portion of digital distribution of games on Windows, and now Mac OSX. Valve Software's major claim to fame before creating Steam is the Half - Life series of video games, which broke a lot of new ground in the FPS genre. Gabe Newell is the founder of Valve, and comes from an old school Microsoft background, having been one of the primary coders on early versions of Windows.

Submission + - RIAA: If US Can't Censor; Americans Are At Risk (

An anonymous reader writes: With the Senate currently debating a bill that would allow the Justice Department to create a "banned list" of sites that it believes are "dedicated to infringing" activities, it should be no surprise that the RIAA has come out strongly in favor of the bill. In response to a variety of public interest, consumer, library and other groups asking for hearings on the bill before it gets rushed through, the RIAA has said that there's no time, because without the right to censor these websites "put Americans at risk." It's not clear exactly which Americans are actually at risk, but perhaps it's really just the jobs of lobbyists at the RIAA who are at risk.
Operating Systems

Submission + - Moving to Linux

ZachMG writes: "I recently switched from a OSx86 install on my laptop to Ubuntu, i love Beryl and i love having a linux install again. The only problem is that I am not sure what programs would be helpful to me now. I was a avid user of Quicksilver in OS X and loved it is there any equivilent to that in the linux world? And I would also like it if anybody wants to tell me what programs they think are "must-haves" for linux. Thank You, Zach"

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