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Comment Re:How much does Google Fiber live up to the promi (Score 1) 258

i think what he was asking is if it comes with rediculous bandwidth caps like, oh, cableone or mediacom. like "you can have a 1 gigabit per second pipe, but you can only download 50 gigabits before we throttle you to 5 megabits per second. after that, every gigabit costs $50". and since it's america, yeah, there will probably be a boatload of catches. "up to" 1 gigabit, if downloading from a torrent with 800 peers on a tuesday afternoon while doing the macarena in a dress.

Comment Re:Talk (concepts) is cheap (Score 1) 74

it was closer to 145 years between the montgolfier brothers' balloon and the first commercial passenger airships, and yes balloons are comparable in air travel to rockets for space travel (primitive yet effective technology). it wasnt until shortly after passenger air service became a thing, that aviation advanced dramatically and the airplane came out on top as the primary form of air travel. we are seeing the beginnings of commercial space travel now, which i'd say is about half the time it took aviation to reach a similar level. the innovation from this point on will be exponential (and cost will decrease likewise over decades), just as it was with aviation.

Comment Re:Just buy an Android 'stick' (Score 2, Informative) 65

i dont think anyone was advocating using an empty usb drive, which is nothing but a storage medium, in place of this. but rather, one of the many quad-core android jellybean hdmi dongles available from china for $30-80 (with varying hardware specs) such as this:

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