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Comment stupidity, not dissent (Score 3, Informative) 10

It isn't dissent we're blocking, Khyber. You were on a rant. Since we keep detailed logs of our IRC, anyone can see what you did to get quieted, and then banned. I'd invite anyone interested to check our IRC logs, starting here. That got you a mute.

You then made threats about a DDOS attack on our site to one of our channel operators via pm. That's what got you banned. I'll note you can still access the main site.

Submission + - Community-sourced news site,, goes live 18

umafuckit writes: is the new way of taking the pulse of the nerd community. Soylentnews is a grassroots-based platform with the content feeds are powered by readers like you. The objective is to highlight news stories of general importance to everyone, but especially nerds. News about technology, art, science and politics: it's all there. Soylentnews is the new kid on the block and will adapt quickly to satisfy our community's needs and and push boundaries like never before. This is a real community site: no changes in format without a general consensus from the community. Stop by and see what you think of the freshly-launched site.

Comment Re:No Accredited Credential, No Regulatory Authori (Score 2) 374

Federal law normally preempts state law, in cases where both jurisdictions have an interest. However, the courts have generally allowed states to provide more specific regulations so long as they meet the requirements of the federal law. Two examples.

Consider minimum wage laws. The US Government requires a minimum wage of $7.25 an hour. Many states and jurisdictions require a higher wage, and are fully allowed to do so, because whatever rate they set above $7.25 meets the requirements of the federal minimum wage law.

Consider emissions standards. The EPA sets emission standards for the country as a whole, but, in practice, California does. Because the California standards meet the minimum requirements of the federal statute, they can set more strict standards.

Comment Re:WTF Slashdot (Score 3, Funny) 95

I still expect some level of quality from idle. I don't want to see pictures of your mother's cat.

If the cat is flying in circles due to being caught in a mini-tornado, then I do want to see pictures of your mother's cat.

Comment Re:Fridge spam (Score 1) 90

The can is clearly labeled 'refrigerate after opening' but you probably gobble down the whole can.

I, personally, prefer WalMart's generic 'luncheon meat' to the real branded Spam. The WalMart stuff just tastes better.

Steer far clear of the Kroeger 'spam' though. Yech.

You imply that I open a can of the stuff. I store the cans in the root cellar with the rest of my survival goods for the inevitable apocalypse.

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