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Comment Re:The patent system is just a bag of hurt (Score 1) 97

And then that billion dollar company would have come along, taken their invention, marketed the hell out of it and made a mint, all without compensating the original inventors.

That is what the patent system is supposed to prevent.

Isn't it copyright system, instead of patents, which is meant to prevent that?

Comment Re:That's strange (Score 1) 279

At least for me, the best solution would be an "CONFIRM EVERY TIME" option. Of course this would add one more click to sending an SMS from a non-system application. Hell, same goes for ANY capabilities. Microphone? An app might need the capability if I want to record something with it. (assume it really has the feature and that it makes sense) OTOH I damn well should be notified when the app decides to start recording without user interaction. For SMS / email also I'd very much like a feature to force the outbound message to Drafts so I can check it myself if there's anything suspicious. Why isn't this a standard feature? Also Symbian capabilities aren't fine-grained enough.

Comment Re:Energy recovery (Score 1) 348

Like I said, it would be useful on diesel-electric locomotives.

Here the situation is a bit different though. (electric, top speed 220 km/h, power 4.0 MW, amount 18) (electric, top speed 210 km/h, power 6.1 MW, amount 46) (diesel-electric, top speed 140 km/h, power 1.6 MW, amount 23)

Comment Re:Energy recovery (Score 1) 348

You are correct, diesel-electric locomotives could benefit from this.
The electromagnetic brakes exist already in some models to provide smoother braking and lessen the wear on the physical brakes.
(If I remember correctly.)

However, the parent post contained "..which draws power from the grid to accelerate.." and thus I considered only electric locomotives in my response.

Comment Re:Energy recovery (Score 1) 348

Wouldn't you still need the infrastructure in place to get the train moving in the first place?
The required modifications are propably quite cheap compared to several hunred kilograms of these newfangled batteries.

Unless you mean to power the train entirely with the batteries and ditch the wires?
30 MWh worth of batteries.. mmmmmm.. (drooling a bit at the thought :)

Comment Re:wow. the misogeny is outstanding. (Score 1) 349

Normal-looking female geeks exist. Sometime in their teens they just learn to hide their geekiness (propably because of peer pressure, but I'm just guessing here.)
They will not admit their geekiness to you before they know you well and have determined you to be a fellow geek.

Also if you are both still in school of some kind, well, you're out of luck. She would get shunned by her peers were she openly associating herself with (eww) geeks.

On second thought she propably already is a near-outcast in her peer group. This might be a clue in identifying these undercover geeks.
You might look for some kind of a behaviour signature: Think how does a male proto-geek behave when he is about to awaken to full geekdom? (No, we are not geeks from birth. We quite propably are predisposed though.)

Then again, she might just be an ordinary lunatic. Be careful. ;)

Also being a geek is not an reason to being physically weak. Yes, most geek friends of mine are actually slightly overweight, but they are not in poor shape. Note that I'm not claiming that they are anything resembling body builders.

Wasn't it relatively recently when the geek stereotype was a skeletal freckled young male wearing glasses and carrying a calculator? Whatever happened to it?
Sorry for the rambling style. I just woke up and english isn't my primary language.

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