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Yes and the same should be done for those with STDs as that data should be considered public health information; as the public healthcare costs and risks in this area are far greater than, lets say measles as an example. You should be able to go to a government web site and enter a persons name to check and see if they have vaccinations, STDs, etc. /sarcasm

Submission + - Multiprocess Firefox (

An anonymous reader writes: Bill McClosky writes on his blog, 'Firefox has always used a single process. When Chrome was released, it used one UI process and separate "content" processes to host web content. ... Around that time, Mozilla launched a far-reaching effort, called Electrolysis, to rewrite Firefox and the Gecko engine to use multiple processes. Much of this work bore fruit. Firefox OS relies heavily on the multiprocessing and IPC code introduced during Electrolysis. However, the main effort of porting the desktop Firefox browser to use multiple processes was put on hold in November 2011 so that shorter-term work to increase responsiveness could proceed more quickly. A good summary of that decision is in this thread. This blog entry covers some of the technical issues involved in multiprocess Firefox.'

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