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Comment Re:The FAA has done nothing. (Score 1) 252

A very good point. I don't really feel as though the FAA would know or care in 99% of situations where people would operate such equipment in any case. No more than as many have said operating an RC plane. I would readily use one in daily operations. Let us hope the stink of a Newscorp type exposure leads to needless regulation. FAA drone regulation belong with larger drone aircraft which they will hopefully balance out with a weight regulation or some other common definition.

Comment The FAA has done nothing. (Score 2) 252

If you read the story they simply responded and said they would investigate the use of drones based upon what was basically a complaint about the situation. This could have just as easily been their brush off move, making this at this stage, a non story. The company that sells the relevant Microdrone markets it as for use by real estate and many other purposes which I am sure is the case. The drone in question was:

Comment Re:Avoiding US taxes by setting up overseas (Score 1) 287

Perhaps the most insightful post ever, in a sea of ignorance about economics. Taxing SMB's heavily kills the jobs that the middle class needs to survive. My company would be at best half the size it is now, with half the employees if taxes had been over the last 5 years, as they plan to have them. So 75 less people would have jobs, but man oh man would the other 75 enjoy their slightly lower taxes.

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