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Firefox 2.0 Posted a Day Early 564

A number of readers alerted us to the [link removed] day-early [accidental] posting of Firefox version 2.0. At this writing the top page at still doesn't mention its availability. One reader pointed us to [link removed] a mirror and another recommended a comprehensive review of Firefox 2.0, with many screenshots, over at Update by RM: - links above removed at request of Mozilla release people. They asked us to link to this note instead. They're only asking us to wait until Tuesday Afternoon (U.S. Pacific Time) for the official 2.0 download, which isn't long. (Patience is a virtue, etc.)

Comment Re:WTF (Score 1) 558

What the hell kind of stupidity is going on here?

i grew up in northern new york. one of the turbine farms is a stone's throw from the cow pasture where i went to high school. what you have there is the tip of the iceberg. these people are a special kind of crazed.

they are both ignorant and stupid, which means they are also prone to mass hysteria. if the opponents are serious about taking these things down, all they have to do is let it leak that the makers of the turbines are in league with the devil, and the masses will take to them with pitchforks and torches.

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