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Comment Re:This is ribiculious... (Score 1) 169

The key revocation lists are the scariest part of all of this for everyone involved, it seems. What does happen when Toshiba, for exmaple, makes a device with a flaw, or perhaps their product isn't flawed but it's broken due to a fundamentally flawed protection system? If Hollywood has an itchy trigger finger and decides to use the key revocation, I would suspect that Toshiba would be liable to consumers for all of the devices affected (if not they really should be.) This puts Toshiba in a very difficult position, particularly if the system is flawed, their liability (and potentially a very large one) is in the hands of Hollywood.

Would any such company be comfortable putting themselves in this position, particularly after someone's already taken a hit for it? Furthermore, without knowing the specifics of how the key revocation works, it's at least concievable that someone might figure out how to encode these lists in media of some type. You could find one day that you've put a disc into your DVD player that's added every key in existence to the player's list because someone thought it would be amusing. Or some media file on the internet did the so when you tried to watch it, and now your monitor doesn't work right anymore (though that's hardly out of the realm of possiblity now.)

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