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Submission + - Introducing Japan's New Detachable Mobile Phone (

mattbode writes: NTT Docomo, Japan's biggest telecommunications company, introduced their '09 Winter Models' today including the long awaited 'Detachable Mobile Phone'. A prototype of this phone was demonstrated during the CEATEC exhibition last year. The phone can be detached and the keypad used as a remote control.

Size: 114mm x 51mm x 20.4mm
Weight: 173g
Battery Life
3G: 600 Hours
GSM: 400 Hours
3G: 300 minutes
GSM: 330 minutes

Main Display: 3.4 Inch
Full Wide VGA TFT
External Memory: microSDTM/microSDHCTM
Maker: Fujitsu
Predicted Sale Date: March-April 2010

CEATEC 2008 link

Other links on the same topic (Official Docomo Website),2000056025,20403293,00.htm (Video Included)

Comment Re:Cool (Score 1) 156

In Japanese, it is actually the - character and not ~ when typing correctly. When you want to elongated the vowel, you use the - button. i.e. Computer is Konpyu-ta-. However, when people are trying to be cute, they sometimes use ~ to make some exclamations longer. Not used for foreign words like computer.

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