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Comment Maybe not the NSA -- it might just be business (Score 5, Interesting) 128

Wuala is owned by Lacie. Lacie was purchase by Seagate in 2014. Seagate has it's own online backup products. Maybe Seagate wants to eliminate a redudant or money-losing service? It happens...

Yes, the NSA is the bogeyman, and is a threat to secure encryption everywhere. But the invisible hand of capitalism can slap someone as well.

Comment Re:Free alternatives? (Score 1) 90

Microsoft Security Essentials / Windows Defender has been falling behind for years now. It used to be pretty good. But now, it unfortunately doesn't catch a lot newer malware. Microsoft dropped the ball and stopped putting the proper R&D into their product.

Bitdefender Free is my new favorite these days:

Fast, effective, and low impact. Bitdefender Free is not free for commercial use, however. And they don't have a free version that support Windows 10 yet. Bitdefender scores at or near the top in most AV comparison tests for malware detection.

Best free commercial AV is Avast for Business:

Not quite as low-impact as Bitdefender, and not quite as effective, but it's OK. I've used Avast for years as well. (It used to be my standard free AV, and I still use it on some systems.) Their free business AV is basically their paid AV business product stripped down to just AV, not firewalls, and anti-spam, and other cruft. The Windows firewall is just fine these days, and is you have a decent mail server spam isn't a problem. (And there are other decent free anti-spam products, like Cloudmark Desktop One.) So a plain-old just-AV product is fine with me. Includes a cloud-based console system as well, so you can centrally keep track of your AV clients -- which is GREAT for a free product.

Good luck!

Comment Alternatives, here I come... (Score 2) 222

New Google Maps doesn't print well, making it undesirable for it's most important use -- taking a map with you.

Of all things, Bing Maps is looking good. I've been using it some already, and will probably fully switch unless Google makes its product properly usable again. Yes, Google is driving me to a Microsoft product. Pigs have grown wings and Hell is looking a bit frosty right now.

Comment Re:And now where does this go? (Score -1, Troll) 511

Actually, the "right-wing fascists" on the court are often more interested in preserving the 4th Amendment. The left-wing pro-state, pro-government, anti-freedom justices are often less interested in the preserving the 4th Amendment.

(Also remember that although the recent expansion of the NSA started under Bush, the explosion of its use was under Obama.)

The issues here can create very strange politics and what you think might be left or right on the Supreme Court might not actually be the case.

Comment Re:It's NOT going to happen (Score 2) 250

No.... I like Ann Coulter, but she loves hyperbole. I'm going to apply Occam's razor here and go with the much more likely explanation: utter incompetence and managerial indifference. Yes, Obama and friends want to control a large swath of the US economy, but couldn't rip themselves out of a wet paper bag. (Although they're really, really good at running a campaign. Especially if the IRS can slap down opposing groups and prevent them from raising money...) Obama's utter lack of any management experience prior to the Presidency is completely telling.

Thank you, America for your well though out electoral choices!

Comment Re:It's NOT going to happen (Score 1) 250

The Obama administration hasn't cornered the market on arrogance and self-righteousness -- the Republicans have their fair share as well.

But the Obama his cronies can clam more here than any Presidency since...FDR? Nixon? And has almost nothing to show for it other than the ACA -- which appears to be collapsing from a combination of logistical impossibility and breathtaking incompetence.

Comment It's NOT going to happen (Score 4, Insightful) 250

There are more lines of code in Healthcare.gov (500m!) than Google Chrome, the Linux kernel, XP, Facebook, Mac OS, and the Debian 5 packages combined:


Windows 8 supposed has 80m lines of code:

It would take a miracle of computing programming and program management that no governmental program has ever accomplished to get this epic cluster f*ck fixed in 2-3 months.

If they actually want it to work, it should be taken out behind the shed, shot in the head, hung, drawn, quartered, burned, and the ashes scattered to the four winds. And then everyone starts over. And then take 2 years (minimum) to recode it again with an almost entirely new team. But that's not going to happen. They're going to try and band-aid it, and it won't work.

So things are going to get interesting. It's unfixable in a politically acceptable way for the Democrats and the Obama administration.

Comment Re:Uh huh (Score 1) 103

Also throw in all the other advantages versus hosting in California, New York, or even Washington State:
Lower taxes with or without the tax incentives

More relaxed regulatory markets (this is HUGE)

Relatively cheap electrical power (although abundant hydro power makes Washington State cheapest in the nation: http://www.eia.gov/electricity/monthly/epm_table_grapher.cfm?t=epmt_5_6_a -- all that rain is definitely good for something)

Relatively cheap local labor

Comment Dump Daylight Savings and standardize timezones (Score 1) 405

How about government stop f*cking around with timezones? Studies have now shown that the energy savings from Daylight Savings was illusory. Any benefits of doing plus or minus an hour here and there seem to forget the support costs. And Java's problems here are a great example.

I was managing my company's Outlook/Exchange environment when the US govt last expanded Daylight Savings. What an incredible, and entirely unnecessary, pain in the ass. (Especially as way too many patches/routines were issued only just before the changeover, and were generally poorly documented.)

The world needs 24 timezones, and that's it. (Yes, Newfoundland -- quit trying to be stupid different with your 30 minute time differences.)

If governments want something to show and drum up support/campaign money, just keep passing your local equivalents of Elvis Day. Something harmless.

Comment Re:This is a typical Sears Stupid Move... (Score 2) 137

Well, you're not going to put datacenters in run-down sections of Detroit, or any other crime-ridden city. But how about all those semi-rural communities scattered across America with defunct (or underperforming) K-Mart stores? Especially if they're in regions with cheaper electrical power...

Sounds rational to me.

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