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Comment Re:Teachers aren't underpaid (Score 1) 660

Does the article take into account the time spent every night grading, writing lesson plans, and calling Johnnys mother about him farting in class? Does it take in to account the semi-weekly before and after school meeting and duties expected by a schools administration? The Weeks every summer used to stay certified to both the district and state? I wonder if they deduct the 100s of dollars most teachers spend buying their own supplies every year. Or is it just assuming that teaching is a 8-3 36 weeks a year deal? As you can tell I am a teacher, and there is no job in the world that compares to it. I know, I spent 2 years working in an office as a computer tech while earning my aero engineering degree, which I used for a number of years before entering the school system. ( I found the engineering to be a bit repetative for my taste). Teachin is one of the most contradictive jobs you coud imagine. It's like being a manager without the ability to fire any of your employees. Yet you are responsible for their performance.Its the only professional job I know of that you are given a 30 minute window each day to go to the bathroom. Also ever been at work and just zoned out for a few minutes? I bet you you have, and didnt worry that when you looked back up that the room was going to be on fire or any number of things you could get legally reemed for was going on. You have to be 100% there and on the ball every moment of every day, working with kids that, if your lucky are mildly intrested, and if your not are destructive bastards. All this being said if you want better schools there are 3 basic things to do: 1. Smaller classes. Give me 16 kids and we'll get things done. Give me 35 and avoiding injurys will be more important. 2.Tracking: if you put all the kids in a homogenized group 40% will be bored, 20% are ok, and 40% will be lost. 3. Parent involvment: Parents that work with their kids are successful, those that use school for babysitting have kids that destroy the enviroment for everyone.

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