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Comment Clueless MARCOM people and the things they say (Score 1) 434

Little technical understanding by marketing folks, they just parrot company policy/thinkspeak - that is how you get statements like "Cannot Run xxx". Then again, with Intel scrapping for marketshare why would they broadcast non-support of potential customers ? Some kind of partnership with a certain software company ? Who knows.

Not a happy shareholder lately.

Comment Re:Python for Scientific use (Score 2, Informative) 119

Not even quite sure MATLAB "does what it does well". Its usually a great way to get started, especially if you don't quite know what you are doing. But then I often find myself wondering why I am working around bugs and re-writing functions in a $10k software package. Moved almost everything to python/numpy/scipy/Matplotlib over a year ago and really haven't looked back.

Here's one thing that Matplotlib should not have replicated from MATLAB: insane memory usage.
Please folks, lets get it under control: 1G of memory to display a med-large image is a joke !

Comment Re:Google has finally jumped the shark (Score 1) 1089

Damn I was going to post the exact same title !
WTF are they doing chasing an increasingly irrelevant, high maintenance, low-margin business?

I would've expected Google to be smarter than this. Maybe it is a joke.
Hey, my machine completely locked up - 'net connection must be slow again...

My judgemental image for the day - Fonzie and his Chrome-plated motorcycle flying over the shark pool.

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