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Comment Re:Keeping in touch plenty! (Score 1) 175

"'Face-to-Face' doesn't have to mean travel" - If you want your team to work better and as one yes it does! If you want your team to bond, work well and more importantly understand each other then at least one meeting of the entire team or at least team members that work together is a must. I've done this for years and have seen it good and it bad. The bad always got better if you put the team members together with a beer in their hands and let them get to know each other. "it will fail until the sides are replaced by people who are willing to do so." - so you're suggesting that you fire people just because they don't understand someone they've never met and perhaps don't share the same native language. I'd be looking to get shot of you if that was your answer! Again, brining them together is a lot easier than replacing.

Comment Wall-e (Score 1) 314

It's all a bit like those chairs in Wall-e, kids glued to their screens not knowing what its like in the 'real world' Go outside and play ffs! Make dens, build go karts, climb trees, get chased by the neighbourhood (*spelling) weirdo, get beaten up by the local bully (not not just hounded through social media sites)!

Comment Re:Time to play Devil's Advocate (Score 1) 417

Many people have commented on the culture in Japan saying its common place to hang washing out in public view and no one looks. If this is the case then why is this the only claim made against Google for this? Surely then everyone would start to worry about being attacked etc and start to sue? I agree that everyone deserves some level of defence, but if the defence is that it aggravated and existing anxiety condition, then she should A. not hang her washing out in public in the first place B. take responsibility for her condition and not blame other people C. seek medical help! I suffer from mental issues, but I've never sued the church for god making me this way. Or every person in my life for not making it better! One last point that just popped into head..... if she was going to get attacked then the attacker would have to be in that area and would see said underwear anyway!!!

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