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Comment Re:Blood is on the NRA Hands (Score 1) 1862

OK... on a random tangent from this subject, if someone hasn't done so already, I think we need a corollary to Godwin's Law. Any time someone adds "protection from our tyrannical government" to the discussion, /. needs a way to flag said poster's account as "Irrelevant" from now until the end of time. a) if there was going to be a gun-grab, more than likely it would have happened when both houses of Congress and the White House controlled by the Democrats. Which didn't happen. b) If the government did decide to turn on its citizens, how is your AR-15 going to help when the Navy can just send up a few Tomahawk's from off the cost and obliterate your arsenal?

Comment Re:Well they are both rectangular (Score 1) 696

... Perhaps the words on the box, the different software, the different colour, the different interface should have tipped me off, but heck, they were both RECTANGULAR with a BUTTON.

Not to be pedantic (although, who am I kidding, this is /.) but the devil's machine, I mean tablet in question, actually doesn't have a button on the face of it. And I know this because I am typing this up on a Galaxy Tab 10.1. I But otherwise, yes, FU Apple.

Comment Re:Oh boy... (Score 1) 293

well, this is slashdot so i guess it's gotta be car analogy time...

you bought a brand new Chevrolet off the lot; sales guy says "just make your way out the lot and talk to Dave, he'll have your new car waiting for you". you go out to the lot to find Dave standing there without your new car. he says "oooh, sorry, there was just a recall on that model. we'll get it to you just as soon as we've fixed the problem". so you start asking things like "when will that be?", "can i just get another car instead?" and "can i have my money back since i'm not getting a new car now?" but Dave just ignores you, goes back inside, and locks the door behind him.

Yes, except in your car analogy, Dave has yet to go back inside and lock the door behind them. The extent of what happened is two games were found to be exploitable, they were pulled from PSN (presumably so that more copies of the vulnerable code don't get out in the wild), and will probably end up back on PSN after they are patched. If they don't put the games back up, and don't offer you a refund if you bought it and haven't downloaded it, then by all means, bust out the torches and pitchforks.

and now in non-car-analogy terms, i guess i just think it's really really shitty that sony can take things away from people that those people have already paid for. their views on piracy would lead consumers to believe that sony just wants to be paid fairly for their product (seems reasonable), but now they don't even feel the need to provide anything for the money? they need to either provide the product that was paid for, or a refund. there is literally no other industry on this planet that can get away with the shit that media companies can, and they need to be reined in.

That would be a feasible analogy, if they actually took something away from you. Buuuuuuut.... they haven't. If you already bought the game and downloaded it to a PC/PS3, what they did does not affect you *one damn bit.* If you bought it and a) never downloaded it or b) removed it from your system but want to re-install now, how specifically is that their fault? Any of the digital copies of my PSP titles are *all* backed up (multiple times at that, so I can be, you know, paranoid), in case something happens like the PSN fiasco last year, or my PS3 bites it.

Comment Re:killed? (Score 2) 408


More than likely, a lot of the projects that Google is working on are not things that will pay off immediately, but in the end, will pay off. They are at least trying to establish the path that other companies *should* take once the technology becomes cheaper/more viable, instead of just sitting on their cash saying "know what we should do with our money? Put more money on top of it." like most companies would.

Comment Re:Good - arrest me (Score 1) 314

There is no justification for the government to disallow Drug use (or even suicide) unless the government claims ownership over you.

Speaking of which... what is the mandatory sentence for committing suicide now-a-days? I would think death would be a bit harsh of a sentence (as well as redundant).

Comment Re:Was it worth it? (Score 1) 189

No, it wouldn't have cost them $170M to leave OtherOS alone. Hackers at large are still pretty pissed at Sony for taking OtherOS out, but this seems (at least from the reports that came out) that the main crack was more indicative of the organized crime/ID thieves. Granted the two attacks were rather coincidently related, but I think they have about as much correlation as the whole "Video games lead to violence" argument that comes up /. every month or two.
Sony trying to pin this on Anon was rather BS as well (I'd put money on it being a third party using Anon as a scapegoat, but that's my opinion), since they wouldn't really have a need for all of the CC's pulled from the crack. I rather doubt Anon would view computer fraud/ID theft as "lulz".
Hopefully, now that they have the security re-done on the console side, they can figure out how to allow OtherOS back on there without opening up other gaping holes in the system, but I'm not holding my breath.

Comment Re:Saved Games (Score 1) 186

Basically, the protected game saves (i.e. Megaman 9/10) can't be copied manually to a thumb drive, but they will get backed up when you do a full system backup to an external drive. I'm betting what powerlord said is correct as well, since the saves are tied to your PSN account. If you're a PSN+ member, it should set some kind of flag in the save file to let it go to the cloud backup. This coming from a non-PSN+ member, that is....

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