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Submission + - Cotton Swabs Prime Suspect in 8year Phantom Chase (

matt4077 writes: For eight years, several hundred police officers across several European countries have been chasing a phantom woman whose DNA had been found in almost 20 crimes (including two murders) across central Europe.It now turns out that contaminated cotton swabs might be responsible for this highly unusual investigation. After being puzzled by the apparent randomness of the crimes, investigator noticed that all cotton swabs had been sourced from the same company. They also noted that the DNA was never found in crimes in Bavaria, a German state located at the center of the crimes' locations. It turns out that Bavaria buys its swabs from a different supplier.

Submission + - Magnetic Alignment in Cattle and Deer (

matt4077 writes: "Sabine Begall et. al. studied the position of grazing and resting cattle and deer using google earth and other means. They found that these animals align their body axes in roughly a north-south direction, with the heads pointing north. Excluding explanations such as wind and light conditions by statistical analysis, they believe these animals possess a magnetic sense which was previously only known in birds."

Submission + - Islamists and Creatonism: Unholy Alliance? (

matt4077 writes: "Björn Brembs, a neurobiologist at the Free University of Berlin, seems to have discovered a connection between the Creatonism-advocating Discovery Institute and the islamic terrorists involved in the 1993 attack on the WTC. Quote:

Could it be that the apparently insanely wealthy [Adnan] Oktar is funding both radical islamists and the Discovery Institute at the same time?



Submission + - Do Fruit Flies have Free Will? (

matt4077 writes: Researchers at the Free University of Berlin are modeling the behaviour of fruit flies. As it turns out, their flying patterns are not completely random, nor deterministic. Quote: "I would have never guessed that simple flies who keep bouncing off the same window otherwise have the capacity for nonrandom spontaneity if given the chance." There's also a video of Drosophila in the flight simulator.

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