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Comment Good City. (Score 1) 330

In my town, Geneva Switzerland :the opposite would be done. It generates millions, lets build more of this.

A few years ago they tripled the municipal Police because they were generating millions in parking tickets.
There is now 1 guy for every 2-3 road.

And the speed/red lights cameras are multiplying like rabbits...

Comment Late... (Score 1) 295

The funny thing is that when i was playing The Elder Scrolls Arena on my ooold PC years ago (1995, that game came as NINE floppy at the time.), I was already seeing a near future with loads of players online in the same "world" and I was impatient.
few years after that in 1999, I was playing Everquest.

So they missed the window of opportunity by about a decade. Well done.

Comment Ex player. (Score 1) 197

I first encountered WoW when I played the US beta, almost immediately stopped playing Everquest.
I then played the European beta, and bought the game as soon as it released.

I had tons of fun in the first years, then it slowly went downhill.
Arenas suck, resilience suck, extensions are way too slow and too small.
Microtransactions suck.
and worst of all, the community at least on french-speaking servers is AWFUL.

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