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Comment I'm Underpaid (Score 1) 1

I just agreed to contribute to a blog - $50 for 25 posts. Based on the above, I think I might have agreed to work too cheaply. However, I have no direct expenses, only my time.. Maybe I can deduct the cost of Comcast as a business expense? Isn't the wrong agency investigating this though? Why isn't the IRS the ones involved? Or is the FTC's plan to turn it over to them? Many more questions than comments.

And isn't technology great? I'm in Chicago, working for a guy that lives in Pisa, Italy, on a server located in New Zealand. If he hadn't told me I certainly would not have known. Totally transparent.

Comment Re:like every other sales demo (Score 1) 210

Yes, but SAP supposedly isn't so specialized. It is everything for every business. I was on the project at a GMC division and went through all the sales stuff and helped develop the 140 page needs document and the software selection. SAP wasn't the only vendor. Selection took over a year. Didn't really help. Then the project started. I wasn't added to that staff until 9 months in. I wasn't part of most of the decisions, but I was able to point out a few disasters. But... Our first implementation was in our Aftermarket Business Unit. A few things really pissed me off. First, we paid to send their techs to classes to learn their software. Users were asked how to do set the switches. All the experienced people bounced in/out of the project. Probably the worst part was their lack of business experience. No idea of the processes involved in bidding, quoting, purchasing, scheduling, receiving, warehousing, allocating, picking, packing, and shipping. And these were the reasons we bought SAP. When it was finally implemented, the executives were happy while the floor supervisors lost all their hair. Just too many switches without the knowledge of what they did. I went on medical leave for 2 years and retired shortly after I returned to work. I heard it was implemented in manufacturing and they didn't know what to build and went over 160+ engines behind schedule. Bottom line: watch what you spend your money on. Hire outside contractors that know your business, and be sure the people that SAP puts on your project have been trained before they show up. That said, SAP is the most capable ERP product out there and is flexible enough to be used in your business, no matter what it is.

Comment Re:Oldest Working? (Score 1) 622

I also have a TRS-80 Model I, but all tricked out, with cassette recorder, real floppy disk, modem, extra memory, and an Epson dot-matrix printer with a chip replaced so it has U/L case and descenders. And I bought it new in 1979, 80? Please tell me when. I recently threw out the magazines (all issues) that was devoted just to that machine. Now I'm learning basic for micros all over again.

Comment Re:afaik (Score 1) 221

Isn't this sort of like if we outlaw guns, then only criminals will have guns?
What is to stop the criminals from just walking someplace else?
I vote for walking backwards all the time. Use mirrors to see where you're going.
Or a camera. Are other countries going to stand by and let little old Turkey
whop their asses in technology? Didn't Ireland put a stop to electronic voting?
I'll guess I'l stay in the good old USA.

Comment 9600GT (Score 1) 186

I put in a 9600GT Supercharged (whatever that means) a few months past. I'm happy.. No games, but Trainz at times. Frame rate went from 28 to 91. Also like the 2 HD outs. After rebate I paid $68.00

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