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Comment Theory good, practice bad (Score 1) 301

Please ask yourself: would you remember a pin you set half-year ago and never used it? Although most people will not use it (thus why invest in development), those that know it, 90%(so I won't repeat "most") will forget the wipe PIN and would not rememeber it when needed. You have to be extremely well organised+great memory to be able to use it.

Comment Re:It IS hipsterism (if that's a word) (Score 1) 564

I wouldn't give up my CDs (and their FLAC RIPs), but CDs allowed producers to make bad music (see loudness wars). Even re-releases were affected and I think it's the main reason why vinyls are still here. Considering cars with casette players are still available (yes, 2nd hand, I know), some may choose that compromise.
As for "sucks on SO many levels", I just hope you don't base that on unmaintained cheap players and casettes (you know, mainstream ones, that start catching your tape after 1 year). Just like vinyl players, there are cheap ones and good ones (and yes, FYI , I'm old enough to have used Sony Walkmans going to schools.....note the plural).

Comment Re:Sounds like a pretext to me... (Score 1) 181

In the worst case I will get a gaming-only PC with Win10 (no email, no browsing, no work) in a few years

Haven't you seen the automatic updates? There was a FPS streamer who's streaming suddenly got a "windows is updating"-bluescreen during a live session.
Also, I personally have been impacted in a racing (lucky it was just practice) where I would see bad connection syptoms (cars skipping on the track) and only on shutting down Windows I realized it was "my connection" that was the problem (as I got the update-installing screen).

So as gaming PC is also unsuable.

Comment Re:Interesting use of the word "indiscreet" (Score 1) 182

Actually 40ms is terrible for fast-paced games (Mortal Kombat, racing games, FPS).
I chose my monitor for sub-frame input latency, compared to my TV with ~40ms latency, I can feel the difference (in that I can't get the car near the limit on the TV or I spin constantly). Latencies measured with Leo Bodnar input lag tester (yes, I got so obsessed that I bought it).
40ms is accepted because there are barely any TVs that go into 20-30ms range. But I discovered this problem comparing a 2008 Dell monitor with a 2008 LG TV (the latter has 3.5-18ms, top/bottom).
Let's not forget that the game engine itself has a latency. 40/60ms discussed here are purely from network.
PS: that 1 60Hz frame can result in 1s on-track easily, just because of the confidence-killing-factor.

Comment Re:Linux sUKS -not! (Score 1) 89

The fact that BIOSes/UEFIs could be password protected and not allow other devices to boot.
This allows you to boot into a liveCD and do anything (like they said: spy on the network, brute force the key).

I would say this is not a major issue:
  - for the servers, they are(should be) monitored and a few minutes of downtime will be noticed. But if somebody has physical access, security has other problems.
  - for laptops or other PCs removed from secure environment, the issue is almost not a problem, as an attacker could already remove the HDD/SSD and clone it. Accessing network is not a problem.
The only vulnerable point would be if TPM-backed FDE is layered beneath LUKS OS encryption. But I doubt those who use LUKS trust TPM.

So again, a small vulerability is blown-out of proportions because it's hard to find GNU/Linux bugs/exploits.

Comment Re:MS Spyware (Score 1) 421

Those functions could (and probably do) call some MS-controlled DLLs. Which can be changed anytime with an OS update. Like adding logging of the command line, starting external file monitoring etc.
All these privacy issues are not about what "they" do now, but what they will decide to do in the future without notice. See Carrier IQ discussions.
If your production SW is sold to a restrictive client (like goverment, NSA whatever) and you don't disclose these hooks, you can have bad consequences whether you knew about it or not.

Comment Re:I don't (Score 1) 507

I totally agree with you. When I bought my 3D LG, they barely had dual-core CPUs while android sticks with quads were already available. I bought the cheapest dual-core (although the CPU was not part of the decision....this just helped delay the buyers remorse).
TVs and monitors (at least the bigger ones) are changed less often than almost any other computing device because of price and size (at least in my case). So basicaly you get an already obsolete SMART TV functionality which you will keep for years. Last years 50$ FireTV stick is way more powerfull then my 2014 TV.

Oh....and please get the input lag to 10-20ms range. I don't care about 4K and beautiful picture if I can't play gran turismo on it.

Comment Re:tangential but relevant (Score 1) 135

Yeah....for watching movies or playing games WITH ALL LIGHTS OFF.
My first widescreen monitor was a glossy Dell, which I hated until I finally found a very big reason to scrap it (FYI: input lag). Whenever I was gaming during the day, I would see myself and my room on half of the screen (window was on my left side).
After realizing that, I saw a darker glossy coating on some Sony laptops, which would be better inside (this was in a big well-lit store), but that would still pose problems outside.
PS: all matte surfaces cause pixelation. I'm looking at my office HP 23" matte screen, and I can barely notice some pixelation. But it's there.

Comment Re:tangential but relevant (Score 1) 135

I don't know what screen cover you had, but all my matte screen protectors are better than the clear ones (except for pixelation).
The finger glides immediately after cleaning as oposed to clear ones where the finger sticks until it gets oily; and then it's oily.
I don't think matte surface is immune to oiling, but it takes a lot longer to notice it. Some say it's harder to clean....but clear ones I have to clean more often.
I did try a glass screen with oleophobic coating, which I got close enough to the feel of matte screen, with the screen clarity.

So if I had to choose a new protector, I'm undecided between oleophobic glass and matte plastic. The decision is glare vs pixelation (and price and availability).
But for outdoor, matte all the way. Dark glossy anti-glare is just for indoor lighting.

Comment Re:Fix? (Score 1) 31

Actually, just switching the LSBs from the row address would be enough, with the manufacturer hiding it (or even better: randomizing).
Since "researching" for this, I saw some information that they already have a mapping for production yelding; which is logical, as you can get more chips with target-size+10% and 91% working (100 from 110) than target-sized and perfect. But I think they currently just "skip", instead of re-arrange rows.
Also, the individual chips which eventually feed the 64-bit bus (with 512bits in 1 DDR3 cycle) could be configured differently (so 2 consecutive rows as seen by the CPU could have only some physical adjacency...think about modules with 8 or 16 chips).

Comment Re:Lie? (Score 1) 247

Actually what you say can't happen fast enough to affect the "current" generation of politicians, so I don't see why they would care.

However, backdoors can allow "intelligence" operators to access a lot of people. And by operators, I mean individuals going for personal gain (like a politician paying an operator to dig stuff about an oponent).
While this would not be so dangerous, as the "little" people would seldom feel the wrath (this is mostly for money and power), the problem does arise of the "private" certificates defined for the back door which WILL eventually get on the black market. Example: Sony PS3 keys. And before you say it took "x" years, there are 2 motives to worry about the trend: 1. this affects general public, not just gamers 2. public-funded organizations may not have the security of private companies. In other words, I forsee faster leaking and higher-impact abuse.

Comment Re:Good old fashioned crisis management... (Score 2) 298

Gathering data has NO USE in prevention. Because algorithms CANNOT differentiate between keywords in sarcastic/trolling communication vs. serious. And in serious communications, the keywords would be replaced with mundane words. I mean, even in regular communications, when you don't want people around you to know the details, you will omit them or rephrase somehow that only relevant people understand. Perfect example is a discussion from Analyse This containing "that thing" and "the other thing".
Their gathering agenda fulfills 2 roles: blackmails (whether on employee or company agenda) and "reports". I see no use for anything else. Either way, you need to already be on their agenda for them to use it against you, most likely "after" an event, which for suicidal attempts is USELESS. They can't do it again, to justify "prevention".
And financing such roles, nobody will publicly admit it (especially since "reports" are for justifying finacing).
So somehow they need to disguise it for "the people". ("An INDIVIDUAL is smart, but people are dumb and panicky!", M.I.B.)

Oh yeah!...."Intelligence", "Security", are just like "quality" in corporate enviroment: it just means extra things were written because anyone is expendable and new people lack knowledge. Nothing they do reveals their keywords. On the contrary, I would say creates enemies.

Comment Re: Smearing? (Score 1) 298

I don't know who, but I have an idea how: Don't use anything connected: email, chat, connected-navigation; I would go even for phones and SMS, but I think that's a stretch (especially since they could be useful for meeting details). Basically what every Sunday SHOULD be: BBQ with family. This would be great icentive for sampling the unconnected world, as the current reccomandations do not have immediate or forseable goals, except for authors "trust me! it will be better for you".

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