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Comment Re:global warming alert (Score 1) 126

It is in a sun synchronous ( polar orbit in theory. So you need a fair few of them. However they are to small compared to the sun to cast a shadow (the sun is not a point source. Also the foot print moves pretty damn fast.

When illuminating the night side areas the rotate and change angle to point the reflected light at a specific location

Comment Re:I talk about it openly (Score 1) 308

I said that "Not all drugs cost that much. Some cost far more". They do but not for the recipient. It lets people with ongoing problems not worry to much about medical costs. Oh yes a trip to hospital will not bankrupt you. Free health care. It is paid for as many seem to think it is a very good idea.

Comment Re:I talk about it openly (Score 1) 308

And that his/her experience of the US health care system suggests that it is broken. When the cost of common drugs is inflated 10 fold there is an issue. Other places with national health care systems can control the price of some drugs. Is that advantageous? That depends on if you need them. In the UK the NHS has massive purchasing power so aspirin does not cost $10. Prescription drugs are limited to £8.20 probably about $10 or $12 dollars.
Yep that is paid for by all of us as a tax. Not all drugs cost that much. Some cost far more. But nothing like the seriously odd amounts you seem to fork out in the US.

Comment Re:Great event! (Score 1) 420

I did not even comment on the multiple translations which all have their own copyrights.
So even if you obtained a copy of her original diary (out of copyright) and translated it to, say, english then you would own the copyright on that translation. As this has been done many times with additions and redactions lots of people/companies own various copyrights to versions of her diary

Not everything is simple. Or even logical.

Yep I was a teen when I first read one of these many versions. I do not remember lustful thoughts so probably one of the edited versions. I do remember Z for Zachariah and lots of stuff by Charlotte Brontë. (not impressed). The things they teach you in school.

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