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Comment Re:Dear God, why? (Score 1) 112

JavaScript is a horrid language. Nonetheless, it's the only widely supported language for client-side browser code, so we're stuck with it there.

But why on Earth would anyone even consider running this abomination on a server, when there are many other, better languages designed specifically for server-side code?

Completely agree with everything you said, Efforts should be made to replace it with something better on the client side rather than helping it spread like some horrific cancer to the server side as well.

Comment Reasons the kids work hard (Score 2) 375

The kids work hard because they want to get to where the 40 year old is, they want their career to progress and see working hard as a way to get ahead and prove themselves to their boss. How long will they continue to do that if they see there is no actual career path and that they will be used up and spat out by the time they are 40 ? Also technical skills are the easiest part of the job to learn, The skills like teamworking and experience are what takes years to build up, often at great expense but people with out wisdom and experience rarely value those commodities. Zuckerberg and his friends will get old and like almost everyone else they will wish that they could know what they know now 10 years ago and maybe they will realise how foolish they have been.

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