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Comment Re:Almost competing (Score 1) 706

Upgrading your OS is just asking for trouble IMO.

Probably in your MS world. I have machines that were originally running Debian Woody and were upgraded over the years to now run Lenny without a clean install in between. I believe the hardware will finally fail before an upgrade. Am i asking for trouble? Don't mind if i do.

Comment Re:Sound and HDs... (Score 1) 1365

i had to manually fetch hdd driver, audio driver plus network driver on my last xp install. i already installed debian (lenny) on that same system. everything worked right away. people who claim that everything just works with windows and they always have to fiddle with linux usually compare a pre-installed and configured windows box with a manual linux install.

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There is no shortage of comments about us selling out or running advertisements as stories. As you might expect there is no shortage of mail with the same theme. What I enjoy most about them is all the different corporate entities and sometimes political parties, that we are supposedly working for. If even half of them were true, I would have a stack of W-2s as long as my arm every year for the tax man. The truth of the matter is, nobody here sits in their Microsoft smart chair, talking on their minion iPhone, while playing in the Google money pool. (If someone knows how to get into the Google money pool, please send me a mail.) Conspiracy theories have been around as long as man, so I guess it should come as no surprise that Slashdot has a few of it's own. Read below to find out who is pulling our strings.

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