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Comment Re:Wow (Score 2) 392

i recently picked up a Galaxy S II on Sprint and one of the things that I really love about it is how quickly the camera fires up. while it doesn't have an option to jump to the camera from the lock screen, I keep a shortcut to the camera on my main home screen. I can hit the power button, unlock, hit camera, and take a picture in under three seconds

Submission + - A 1 watt, 64-core chip for tablets and smartphones (techworld.com.au)

angry tapir writes: "Smartphones and tablets are demanding more computing power, and chip company Adapteva hopes to bring server-type performance to the devices with a new chip. The Epiphany IV chip packs 64 cores, and can provide 70 gigaflops of performance while consuming one watt of power, according to Adapteva CEO. A watt may be high for smartphones, but performance and power consumed by the cores can be scaled down to accelerate tasks such as hand-gesture recognition and face recognition."

Comment Re:Windows Key (Score 1) 140

the system restore discs typically install a pre-activated copy of windows using a generic key and they are locked to a specific hardware configuration. the OEM key itself can be used to install windows on any computer if you have the generic installation media (like you get when you buy an OEM copy). also with Windows 7 there is no difference between OEM, Upgrade, or Retail discs. Previously with XP you couldn't install using Upgrade media with an OEM key. with Windows 7 the license type is solely dependent on the key. You can even make install media that will install any version of windows (Home, Pro, Ultimate) from an existing install disc. as far as activating goes though a web activation may fail, but a phone activation should work just fine (not that I am saying from experience or anything).

Comment Re:Don't need electronics to hack someones brain (Score 1) 295

I've worked retail. You can't catch good shoplifters. You just have to let them go, focus on the paying customers, and accept the losses as the cost of doing business.

i beg to differ, my wife works in loss prevention and is quite adept at catching shoplifters. she has been responsible for significantly reducing shrink and bringing a number of stores back into good standing regarding loses. effective loss prevention is making the environment undesirable for shoplifters while not inconveniencing the customer. all door nazis do is irritate and annoy paying customers while doing little to deter theft.

Comment Re:imap? (Score 1) 367

actually long term email retention can hurt you more than help you in some situations.

our company is going through a restatement right now and if we had only had emails going back 6 months the auditors would have looked through those emails and been done. but since we had emails going back almost 8 years via backup tapes, they decided to go through all of them looking for pertinent emails. which then uncovered even more issues to be dealt with and of course these auditing firms charge by the hour. so not only has the restatement much longer than anticipated, but at a much greater cost to the company.

so we are now looking at implementing a strict 90 day retention on email. but i know this will piss off a lot of users as some have emails in excess of 5 years in PST file. I actually welcome it because some genius in my company thought it would be a good idea to save PSTs to network shares for each individual user. which means I spend an inordinate amount of time remapping drives and reconnecting pst files in outlook.

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