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Comment Re:cannot install apps on micro-sd card (Score 1) 471

Erm yes, yes you CAN install apps on Android on an external SD card. I have one in my Galaxy S2 and it works perfectly. Originally yes it was the case that you were stuck with that, but that was about 2 years ago...... There are still a few apps which can't be moved to it, but overall most of them can.

Comment Re:Problem for Ireland (Score 1) 185

This is a pretty obscure outcome of the recent Quantitative Easing of the Fed and the Bank of England, and a little confusing as Microsoft is a US company.

You have to remember that Microsoft's main European headquarters is in Dublin in Ireland, and hence operates in Euros. The quantitative easing of the pound means that the UK goods become cheaper to export, and that conversely, it becomes more expensive for UK-ians to import good from abroad. In this case, it has become 33% more expensive for them to import MS software from Ireland.

You have it completely the wrong way around as this has nothing to do with quantitative easing as the Pound is currently stronger against the Euro than at any point in the last few years. This would make imports CHEAPER, and hence exports more expensive to Europe. Now if they were dealing with USD, then that is another matter entirely as the Pound is still relatively weak against it compared to what it was a few years ago.

Comment Re:BB is a business phone (Score 1) 185

Both can be forced to follow corporate policies.

Both can connect to Exchange - and I mean a full connection, syncing email, calendar and contacts - without having to buy extra software or hardware

Come again?? Since when can you force Android or IOS to use corporate policies like locking down the camera, disabling instant messaging, preventing any apps from (apart from those you allow) being installed.?

No they can't both fully connect to exchange without buying additional software. Specifically Notes and Tasks DO NOT sync without additional help, and if you are runnning pre 2007 exchange, it's even more of a pain.

Comment Re:No. (Score 1) 305

They didn't run out of time on it. They did what they've always done with what they see as "consumer" versions of their OS: they deliberately left out certain network- and enterprise-related functionality.

If that were true, I'm sure they would have an enterprise version of their tablet OS as well, but they still only have one version for the tablet. Either that or they simply think that the enterprise features just aren't needed.

Comment Re:I can't decide... (Score 5, Insightful) 171

If this is a bigger slashvertisement for Tom's Hardware, or Battlefield 3. Meanwhile, there are much broader testing services such as Can You Run It? that will give you data on one page instead of thirty and on a much wider variety of games than Battlefield $$$.

That site is all very well, but it gives no real world performance. It's all theoretical. According to that site, my PC can "run it" just fine, but it would have to be at the lowest possible graphic settings according to the real world tests.

Comment Re:Wasted opportunity for Sony (Score 1) 191

When Minidisc was announced I thought it would be a perfect removable storage solution; at the time people were using Syquest drives for "large" (44 and 88 MB) removable storage, and they were pricy; there was a market waiting for something cheaper yet still reasonably fast. I think a Minidisc could hold 250MB or something like that - good storage at the time, relatively cheap, and would probably have been pretty reliable.

However, Sony's anti-piracy worries made Minidisc inaccessible digitally - there were no Minidisc readers/writers and you could only use it for recording/playback of ANALOG audio!

Soon Iomega came out with the very popular 100MB ZIP drives and Sony's window of opportunity closed - and we got to enjoy crappy Iomega quality and the infamous "Click-of Death".

Sony does come out with cool tech sometimes, but their entertainment division screws it up every time. I guess Sony made their money from Minidisc, but they could have done so much more with it.

That's wrong. I still have my old MD player which could also record from a Digital Optical out on any CD player via Toslink cable.

Comment Re:Well... (Score 1) 404

Actually I just got a notifaction from Sony abou this today.
And According to this
The CC's are already in the wild.
I know Visa is aware of the issue. They have reissued me a new card based on this information.
So yea it could go somewere

And yet you believe this? There is no proof and according to Sony all CC data was encrypted. For all we know it's simply a troll trying to stir up trouble.

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