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Comment Re: There are records (Score 1) 228

Sure they would. Digital goods can be stolen just like physical goods. The car analogy is simple and easy to understand, but another analogy would be a database of customer information that I have gathered on my computer system. If you break into my computer copy the database to your server then delete mine, you have stolen it and I can petition the courts for my database back.

Comment Re: ...but if you want free software to improve... (Score 1) 1098

I think you have this backwards. BSD emphasizes freedom for everyone at the expense of the original developer and third parties, while gpl emphasizes freedom for the original dev over others.

What I mean by this is that the bsd basically says "I the dev allow you everyone else to do whatever you want, including making changes to the software without giving back to me or any third party." The gpl says " you can to what you want with this software, but you must give me (and third parties) any changes you make"

Comment Re:Seems fine with me. (Score 1) 599

I don't have a problem with this. The company may have been dumb to put this much power in one person's hands, and perhaps they got what they had coming in someone's eyes, but it doesn't excuse this behavior. If I had the only key to the server room and got fired but didn't turn in the key, I would expect retribution of some form, especially if the office had a steel door that took weeks to break down.

See, the thing is, it's not a key. It's a part of your body that unlocks the computer system. Specifically, the "key" is a series of electrical pulses in your head. Those electrical pulses belong to you because they are inside you.

To follow your analogy... the problem here is that the "key" in question belongs to YOU not the city. Why the city was ok with letting the server room be locked with YOUR key is a sign of their stupidity, but their stupidity shouldn't be YOUR problem. If you hyjacked their system so that none of THEIR keys worked properly... that's a completely separate issue to discuss.

Why is it YOUR key and not theirs? Because the key is actually a part of your brain, and a government or an employer cannot claim eminent domain over the contents of your brain, as the slippery slope induced is just barbaric beyond imagining.

When the city fired him, he took HIS key and went home.

Comment Re:Come on... (Score 1) 188

Wrong. Denying service because of race is against the law. Denying service because the buyer is anon is not.

It's not as black and white as that (no pun intended). Denying service is based on class of people. While the wording of the act certainly lends itself to denying service based on race (or other similar visible discrimination), the legal definition has been argued with a much wider interpretation. A good lawyer could argue that people wanting to protect their 4th amendment right are a class of people and should therefore not be discriminated against.

Do I think it would win? Not really. But I certainly think there is an argument to be made.

This 'stolen credit card' problem is not the fault of people wanting to protect their privacy, and doing this TOR blocking is simply a lazy and error prone protection method. A real solution should not involve forcing people to give up their human rights in order to shop.

Comment Re:If there was a Bad at Math Map... (Score 1) 1163

It's inevitable to have a two party system. NDP is moving more to the right, and Liberals are moving more to the left. Eventually we'll have the Liberal Democratic party vs the Conservatives. In Quebec it'll be LD vs BQ as Quebec hates the Tories (and frankly they are addicted to the handouts from the rest of Canada)

Green party is going nowhere and never will, It's policies will be adopted by the NDP before NDP and Liberals merge.

I think this is really too bad, because our version of democracy is based on individual ridings. I really hate that people think they are electing a prime minister (they are electing a member of parliament to represent them to the House of Commons).

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