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Comment Re:Wow is this guy wrong.... (Score 1) 580

The reason why I haven't reported the crime is because it happened well over a decade ago. I don't know who raped me and I can't remember what exactly he looks like. Sure I remember the whole incident but I forgot minor details like what he looked like, I only remember basic details of what he looked like (age,sex,color, size). So far to my knowledge there have been no other sexual assaults in the area were it accorded that match those descriptions. The guy who did it was a older person, so most likely he could be dead. If I were to go to the police it would instantly become a cold case. There were really only two times in my life were it made sense to report it. Right after it happened but I didn't know what had just happened to me and I was kind of in a state of shock. And after I became suicidal at the age of 10, when discovered what really happened to me.

Also sex offenders can in fact live wherever they want. That is a common misperception of people that sex offenders are limited to where they can live. Studies have shown that sex offenders are more likely to recommit a offense with those laws put into place. Since they are more likely to fall off of the radar.

Comment Re:Wow is this guy wrong.... (Score 1) 580

The police have better things to do than go after someone who had images/videos of a 16/17 year old. They go after people who have images of children. All of the court cases I've seen involve children, not teenagers. 80% of child porn involves people under the age of 12.

Comment Re:Wow is this guy wrong.... (Score 2) 580

For everyone wanting sources here you go: The current stats say that 1 in 10 children will be a victim of some sort of sexual offense by the time they turn 18. With the amount of people that I personally know who fall into that stat vs the total amount of people that I personally know, I can say that 1 in 10 stat is likely true.( Most sexual abuse is never report to the police but those victims still report their abuse to someone else (like a family member, doctor, therapist, friend etc). So that's how they get those stats, it's not just the police were these studies get the rates from.
To the Anonymous Coward, why would someone be in possession of any pornography and not pleasure themselves to it? Also every time I see some court case about someone being in possession there is no questions that those photos/videos are of children. It's quite impossible to be in possession of child pornography without knowing it.

Comment Re:Wow is this guy wrong.... (Score 1) 580

As a teenager did I view them is the same way? Yes, but that's because I was full of anger because of what happened during that period of time. It's taken years to get that anger under control. I still take personal every time I see someone get caught on the news, but I no longer get panic attacks, flash backs, punching holes in walls when I see someone get caught. I think the justice system for this kind of crime is both deterrence and retribution. The tough laws have prevented most commercial content being sold, because the people who would do it for cash won't do it because of the tough punishments. But there are still people who freely trade it on the darkwebs. Those are the people who are the most danger. They're not doing it for some quick buck or two, but because they are truly pedophiles. When someone is convicted of this type of crime they're not just thrown in jail. They also have to go through rehabilitation programs to get their problems under control. So when they get out of jail they don't recommit the crime. For someone like the guy who committed a crime similar to mine (Kidnapping, Multiple counts of 1st degree sexual assault on a minor under 12, possession/distribution/manufacturing of child pornography), I think the punishment should be retribution/protect the citizens with the death penalty. You can't trust someone who committed a crime so horrific like that again. For other crimes less than that, it should be deterrence/retribution with jail time and rehabilitation programs.

Comment Wow is this guy wrong.... (Score 4, Interesting) 580

I was raped as a child at the age of 7 and I am also a victim of child pornography as well. Chances are they're those images/videos of me being raped floating out there somewhere on the internet. Knowing that there are people pleasuring themselves to images and videos of me being brutally raped gave me extreme PTSD as a teenager. Actually this is something that still bugs the heck out of me every time I see something on the news about someone being caught with child pornography and still makes me physically sick. First off he is dead wrong about child porn laws being counterproductive. A high percentage of sexual abuse crimes committed against children are never reported. What happened to me was never reported. Also a high percentage of people charged with child pornography crimes are also found to have sexual abused a child at some point. When you take these two facts into account, chances are when someone gets caught with possession they also sexual abused a child at some point as well. I used to have a co-worker who got caught with a simple possession charge. After the police finished their investigation they found that he was also manufacturing and distributing as well. I've also seen multiple cases were the same thing has happened. So possession of child pornography laws do help to catch child molesters. Plus who the heck would be possession of it if they were not pleasuring themselves to it. And people who would pleasure themselves to it are pedophiles!

Another thing is how the heck do these laws prevent the media from reporting? Gee you never hear some journalist say something like "Oh man I really wanted to show some B roll of some nude 13 year old in this story but I can't because of these laws". Really??!?! This is just nonsense. The part about the Google Glasses was also a bunch of nonsense as well. The only thing I agree with him on is the teenagers sexting part. I think that teenagers shouldn't be charged with a crime for victimizing themselves. Because once these images get out there on the internet, all of the sudden these kids have pedophiles stalking them. Instead parents and schools need to teach kids about the risks associated with sexting. Other than that, what a complete loon this guy is. I've never really thought much about the Pirate Party before this. Mainly because they're not that big here in the US, I think the Libertarian Party(Which I gladly support) covers most of their views. But I've just lost all respect for the Pirate Party.

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