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Comment Re:stop whining and... (Score 1, Insightful) 692

I think whining constitutes "talking to another human" and certanly seems to constitute 98% of most "professional" communications.
so, if job interviews were based on reality rather than some infantile fantasy world whining and snarking would actually good things to do in a job interview as it would show you fitted in to the corporate culture

Comment "well, pretty sure that wraps this interview up" (Score 1) 692

was how I ended a skype interview for a job in New Zealand.

"you Western Australian's eat gold and shit diamonds, why would want to come to some backwater like (name of city) for half the pay"

OK so the organisation was losing a lot of their staff left right and centre to mining companies in the Australian city I live in but do you really want to work for someone who talks down one of the most beautiful rural cities in the world

Comment Re:what about metal goths? (Score 1) 117

do goth surfers exist? oh hell yeh (or at least they did in the 80's when Goth was a lot less narrowly defined than it is now days) ... not a big sub culture but they exist/existed within the ever so slightly larger sub group of "happy goths" ;)

as for biker surfers transporting boards.... they have a whole customising sub culture that solves that problem the most famous of which revolves around Deus ex Machina's shops in Sydney, Bali, LA and now I believe Milan (I think that last one's more a "fashion" thing there than a biker surfer subculture thing) google "deus ex machina drovers dog" for one example but the guys I hung around just used good old fashioned sidecar rigs.

Comment what about metal goths? (Score 1) 117

or biker goths...
or biker surfers
or goth surfers
all four of which would be "tribes" I've hung out with over the years.

at one point in the 80's and 90's if you had to pin me down to a "tribe" then "biker goth" would be about as good (and not a particularly good "good") and you could narrow it down to.

Now I just belong to that tribe called "boring old farts who love to tell the youth how much more authentic we were back in our day"

Comment Re:What's the problem? (Score 1) 188

not really the card details are often at the "land of the free" end rather than their homeland, from students I talk to from these countries, the credit card is set up with a relative some where in the US/Europe/Australia, so often it's a credit card in the UK or Australia buying goods in the US to go where the student is at home with his computer - somewhere like Burma etc.

Comment Re:Whoosh (Score 1) 296

Wait, is Slashdot masking out the word "cunt" now??

no I was making a joke.... the self censorship was meant to show that obviously the C word is still found offensive is many parts of the english speaking world where as "fanny" is just funny way of saying a ladies front bum, doubly funny in the context of hearing/reading north americans describe the back bum.

Comment Re:good cargo pockets (Score 1) 296

pffttt don't even need that - with my North Face Boulder shirt I can fit my iPad mini in one pocket and my Samsung phaplet in the other... OK so I look like I've got chicken plates or asymmetrical cubist boobs.... but hey I'm a dork... I mean a IT professional .... why would I care what I looked like :)

Comment holster? no... (Score 1) 296

... I can't even think why you'd want to "holster" a tablet... but for a very discreet tablet shoulder/messenger style bag try find a shop with the now discontinued smaller Crumpler "Herbas" it has no padding but will protect from scratches and minor bumps.
however given everyone, including the management suits seems to carry some sort of backpack/laptop/camera/carryon bag these days having a discreet bag is so different it's almost indiscreet.

Comment poke and prod.. (Score 1) 359

after watching a co worker prod and poke his WIn8 ultralight laptop across the desk with the screen flipping further and further back I though "bugger that for a game of soldiers!" it works OK on our heavy all in one HP desktops but on a laptop it just seems a pain in the arse.

Comment if you include documented comments then more (Score 1) 190

I know some of my old 90's COBOL code still lives on so there would be many many hundreds of "written by" "debugged by" and "updated by" comments. But as I've always coded internal systems there's never been a list of coding credits in the "about this software, vanity section", if the coder was needed to be tracked down for maintenance or legal reasons it would be in the comments of the source code or in the audit history.

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