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Comment Total BS (Score 1) 467

This is complete and utter crap. The notion that we'll be completely self sufficient is nothing but a pipe dream. Particularly the part about it happening by 2017 - a mere 4 years away. Do these idiots think all auto manufacturers can retool all cars to run on shale gas? That's a completely different set of complex hydrocarbons than what makes gasoline. More over, as the Oil Drum points out, the energy return on energy invested in shale gas is very poor. Furthermore, the amount of waste water generated and fresh water needed is staggering and we'll have a massive ground-water pollution problem to deal with. Getting the shale gas is only profitable when the price is high. If shale gas drilling goes wild and everybody does it, like the good capitalists Americans are, then the price goes down and it ain't worth spit any more. Also, if production of shale gas goes high, then middle eastern oil prices drop, making that an attractive option, thereby causing the price of shale oil to drop. The idiots dreaming this garbage up are stuck in microeconomics. The world doesn't work like that, and the self-sufficiency argument is thrown out the window when exposed to the light of day of macroeconomics and globalization.

Comment No natural resources...except human resources (Score 1) 238

As an American citizen living in South Korea I'm amazed sometimes at the level of education these people force on their young. It's insane. And it doesn't seem to produce smarter people. This article is proof of that. The MPG tests are done by the car companies - by following the EPA guidelines. Apparently the Korean engineers couldn't figure out the guidelines and do the tests correctly. I see this kind of thing everyday here - a million book smart people that can recite facts but can't solve a problem to save their ass. How many rocket launch attempts have they failed and still can't get a satellite up? Whatever you do, America, don't follow Korea's example on education.

Comment Inspiring (Score 1) 317

As a guy who took a few wrong turns in his career (software engineer -> software sales -> computer/math teacher) I'm inspired by all the older folks still out there making money and making good software. I'm looking forward to getting back into programming and design. I've been doing a boatload of new stuff, mostly Java/Android and am hoping to get hired by a company who wants someone with skills regardless of their age. I'm 52 now (but look 35 and could kick the crap out of a lot of 20-somethings) It's really good to see the older software folks. I hope finding a hiring manager who appreciates older folks is just as easy.

Comment Never say never (Score 1) 418

I would never say it's too late to learn something new. I'm 52 and taught myself Android programming and now have several app out and my resume is getting lots of attention. I might add that I hadn't programmed professionally for several years in between the Android apps and my previous programming job. Computers are all about learning and staying current. Embrace the madness.

Comment Re:You're used to what? (Score 1) 375

And about 66% of Korea's land mass is uninhabitable because it's too mountainous. Straight sq. km to sq. km doesn't mean much. I knew what you meant. And still think you have no idea of the difference in population density we have here, but I mean no offence by that. It's just thick with people, everywhere you go. They even make Jesus on the cross put his arms down to make room for more people. :)

Comment Re:You're used to what? (Score 1) 375

not even close. NJ has a population of 8 million. S Korea is above 50 million. They also have only two carriers, so they have less squabbling over networks and who pays who when someone uses a tower from carrier a or b. The govt invested heavily in technology and internet and wireless is big - that's just different from the US where corporations have to invest in things themselves.

Comment Re:You're used to what? (Score 1) 375

Dude - chill! No attitude, just plain facts of what the phone ecosystem was like then in the US and what I have here in Korea. Of course it's easier to wire and wireless a place with a population density 200x of the US in a space the size of Indiana. That's not the point. The point is, I'm moving back. What should I look into? Thankfully, Detroit won't be one of them.

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