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Comment Re:When you can't compete, sue... (Score 1) 178

Google has never caused me any problems. Maybe cause I am not a FatCat siting at the top competing with the big boys. I have been promoting London Escorts for a while now and it has never suffered much. Re-indexing and link building gets on my nerves though. It's like every site owner has to sit in front of their PC all day long building links to compete. Thats the only downside about Google. The other is Google maps, it's a really great idea but most listings are fake.

Comment What a load of beeswax mate. (Score -1, Offtopic) 85

I've have been doing countless stuff for escorts sites including London Escorts, every time I do something on facebook I get a message in my inbox regarding spam etc. I'mean why on earth give us an option to create a fan page in the first place then? I hope someone can come up with a solution like have a moderator for every category as DMOZ does. Maybe combine a Directory with Facebook would be a great idea?

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