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Comment Re: Please.... (Score 1) 321

Children aren't authorised to use Google Wallet in the first place. If a parent wants to lie about who is using the phone, consequences are deserved. You need to be 18 or older to link a credit/debit card, justices have already said if it's impossible to legitimately purchase a digital product that liability for copyright infringement is limited; so why not get the APK from Aptoide instead and not use in-game purchases?

Comment Re:Seriously? (Score 1) 374

Bad idea. The unencrypted key is plaintext in RAM. An attacker need only extract the key from RAM and (s)he has access to everything. Instead, get a Blackberry Curve 9300, store minimal data on it and use encryption. When locked, the encryption key is wiped from RAM, meaning the freezer trick won't work.

Comment Really? REALLY? (Score 2) 196

Seriously? Computing can handle itself. Just don't piss off the community which is willing to output most research for free. The US government should be looking at curtailing copyright laws so that people can study and learn from older technologies, in order to produce better, more stable technology for the future. These increases in budget are modest at best anyway. If the USA were serious, they'd cut the defense budget, quit threatening countries they don't belong in and start contributing to the ivory tower in a more meaningful way by reallocating those funds to real research.

Comment Bullshit! (Score 5, Informative) 295

Simply enable it for NVIDIA users by default. It works the same across every distribution, and in fact, every OS. Google are just as cowardly as Adobe were.

For those who want faster flash and faster Chrome, try this:

* Go to chrome://flags

* Override software rendering list -> Enable

Welcome to a faster Flash and faster Chrome :)

Comment Re:No (Score 1) 627

A good language is easily writable without an IDE. I can do PHP in a text editor; there's no way I can do ASP.NET without an IDE like Visual Studio. Poorly-designed languages/frameworks require IDEs because they mix server-side templating and programming logic, while languages like PHP allow you to see plain as days what is going on through a single, simple-to-understand tag. Unlike ASP.NET, where ID and id mean two different things and client-side HTML is mixed with proprietary properties like runat="server".

Comment Even Mavericks sucks! (Score 2) 255

Application folders are as poorly thought out as Program Files was. Here's why:

Path inconsistency - Crack open a terminal and try to run your app from there. I'm sure environment variables have a length restriction, even if it's really long ;-)
Lack of security - try to patch all those apps using the same non-core shared libraries, you'll have one hell of a time as you'll need to either manually copy files or wait on the vendor!
Disk space wastage - see above! :D
Power-user hell - let's say you can do a little bit of coding, enough to work around a few small bugs; tried compiling larger XCode projects without manually replicating the dev environment?

Now for other flaws in modern OS X:

App Store - This is a poor man's APT/YUM repository. You can't mirror it so if your Internet is unavailable you can't install apps, plus you need to hand over personal info to use it!
Global menus - Modern systems have many applications running at one time, you need to activate the window before you can access the menu, thus increasing click count if multitasking.
Style inconsistency - OS X apps are inflexibly styled; so when the designers of OS X change fashion, the apps don't match. Compare this to most GTK/Qt apps, centrally rethemed easily!
Single mouse pointer - Linux and Windows can use multiple mice/tablets/touchpads independently with each having their own mouse pointers. Mac OS X assumes one pointer even today!

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