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Comment Re:Maybe not NSA snooping (Score 0) 784

You better watch out You better not cry Better not pout I'm telling you why NSA is coming to town Their making a list And checking it twice; Gonna find out Who's naughty and nice NSA is coming to town They see you when you're sleeping They know when you're awake They know if you've been bad or good So be good for goodness sake! O! You better watch out! You better not cry Better not pout I'm telling you why NSA is coming to town

Comment Re:Too little too late (Score 0) 496

Actually Windows 2000 is superior to Windows 7. If it were not you'd find Windows 2000 on Technet. Glad I kept my boxed edition (although I'm sure you could finid one on eBay). I install it (and SP4) in a VM. The only drawback to Windows 2000 is that it is limited to 127GB Hard Disks. The Winidows 2000 GUI reminds me of Gnome 2 (well sorta of)

Comment Wrong target (Score 1) 1799

The portesters not only don't have a unified agenda but they are protesting the wrong organization. They should be protesting the Federal Reserve and/or Treasury. Although they may be controlled by the 1% the relative size of the assets and power of these agencies are far greater. - and of course the Fed can print cash. It h ad been revealed, without contradiction by the WH that Mr Geithner (sic) does not implement the directives of his boss out of course he came from the NY Reserve Bank. The new head of the NY Fed gave a "speech " to a crowd some time ago in which he said that things were getting better because the prices of iPads was going down. To which somebody replied "Great - but you can't eat iPads"

Comment Re:Something is fishy (Score 1) 379

I thought this thread was about "repulsive gravity in antiparticles so I don't understand about sub plank distances which ar e likely a realm stranger than "ordinary" quantum mechanics. Since the mediating particle for gravity (gravitons) has not yet been detected - not for lack of trying" I suppose there is a possibility I suppose of anti-gravitions. But I thought that enough antimatter has been created that last s a measurable peridd of time for all forces to be studied. of time. How could matter and antimatter interact at all if they were essentially moving in opposite directions. Just daydreaming at the end of long day.

Comment Re:Change for the sake of change? (Score 1) 835

Lot's of bashing (ha) of Gnome3 and its deserved. But if you've used it and Unity you'' see the difference. Unity is the worst DE ever imposed on a unsuspecting and helpless (if OEMS keep pre-loading Ubuntu) public. In both cases the developers or their masters have decided to screw anybody who uses Linux fo anything besides entertainment (and even that's screwed up like Amaorok. KDE was the same way when it first came out (v 4,0) when 3,5 was rather useful except somebody though it looked more like Windows. It now pretty stable but still bloated and geared to "widgets". I just discovered LXDE and I personally use it much more now than Gnome , KDE or XFCE. As I remember Linus went back and forth over his endorsement of DE - so what? He's also changed the name of kernel 2.6.40 to 3.0 and said himself there wasn't any real change. Fedora Rawhide still usess 2.6.40 - as well a GRUG "legacy". GRUB is mostly a step back to LILO - you have to run a sperate program (update-grub) whenever you make any configurations change. Slackware doesn't have to change!!It Its premature to compete with Windows on eye-candy.

Comment Re:Do we need this? (Score 1) 354

Slackware has Debian beat on age.

Yes - by about 6 months. Debian has many more packages available using synapatic, software center (in Debian a6.0) or mainly apt-get. Why does the package manager in Slackware called slapt-get? Slackware requires even more work than Debian and will never be adopted by anyone as a primary OS except by masochists.

Comment martyfelker (Score 1) 432

Interesting sidenote. VMware had beta support of OS/2 back in version 2. They abandoned it. People flamed them pretty bad - including myself. Guess they didn't consider the market worth their technical time - or maybe they just couldn't do technically.

Comment Re:Manic Depression is awesome (Score 1) 334

If you know how to harness HYPO manic energy with going over the line to true MANIC energy (which you must be referring to as MANIC energy is totally unfocused - with the possible exception of sex) - please share this secret. As the saying goes "many have tried and many have failed". Harness such energy could be potentially game changing for the race.

Comment Re:Obligatory "does it matter?" (Score 1) 117

It matters in the sense that it's a way for Debian to release a new installer or move to a new standard for device management, but as a whole it doesn't *really* matter. If you are using "stable" in your sources.list verses the actually release name you'll in all likelihood just upgrade right along to the new release, and probably without much fuss.

I'm excited either way because I 3 Debian!

The "new" Debian GUI installer seem like its for the masses. I have a RAID 1 setup with two primary partitions as the physical RAID devices and a /boot partition on an extended partition (separate is required for booting). Thought I'd try the GUI installer. Bad mistake. It's just a "lousy" frontedn to the text installer EXCEPT you can't specify the location of the MBR. On a multiboot setup like mine that made Windows as well as other OS's unable to boot. Had to use terabyteunlimited BootItNG to recover MB funcionality. Don't use GUI installers blindly. Naturally you have no choice with Windows but who cares since it can only be setup on the first drive and partition anyway.

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