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Submission + - Crimanal action against speed trap tweeter (

martinlp writes: Pigspotter is making big news in South Africa. The traffic authorities in Johanessburg, South Africa are looking at taking legal action against Pigspotter, an individual who is tweeting up to the minute information about speed traps in and around the city. He has recently stopped, stating that his Blackberry is going in for repairs but it may be out of fear of getting prosecuted. The police claim he must be getting inside information and suspect that disgruntled traffic officers may be involved. There is also speculation that it is more than one individual that is tweeting.

Submission + - Newbie's guide to online advertising

An anonymous reader writes: If today is destined to be a slow news day, how about this Ask Slashdot question. I'm a newbie webmaster and want to introduce advertising to my site. I'm signed up for Google Analytics/Adwords and Amazon Associates, but what else can I do? How do I get the big boys? In short, how do I get a piece of the increasingly large online advertising pie that everybody keeps talking about?

Submission + - China's first lunar satellite sends back pictures. (

Fantastic Lad writes: BEIJING (Reuters) — Chinese leaders hailed images sent back from the country's first lunar satellite on Monday, saying they showed their nation had thrust itself into the front ranks of global technological powers. China plans to launch its third manned rocket, Shenzhou VII, into space in October 2008 and may send an astronaut on a space walk, a Shanghai paper said. But a space official downplayed plans to put a man on the moon."There are no plans at the moment to send anyone on to the moon. I've heard of foreign reports which say China will put a man on the moon by 2020, but I don't know of such a plan," said Sun Laiyan, head of the China National Space Administration. "Please don't give us any more pressure. But I'm confident one day we'll put an astronaut on the moon," he told a news conference.

Submission + - South Africa adopt ODF as goverment standard (

martinlp writes: reported that the South African government have officially standardized on ODF as a standard for government communications. South Africa was one of the countries that voted "no" to the fast tracking of the Microsoft "Office Open XML" as an ISO standard. This is great news as the more countries standardize on ODF the more difficult it will be for Microsoft to stuff their "standard" down our throats.

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