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Comment Sure, it was not really "new" news... (Score 1) 308

Sure, it was not really "new" news, yet it is, nonetheless, supremely alarming!
One major contributor to the public's lack of enthused reaction is the absolute lack of real responsibility on the part of the media - especially mainstream media.

Media has become a tool of those with the power. Electronic media, in particular, is a powerful tool that does brainwash and brow-beat the public into submission, while leaving a feeling that just hearing it is enough!

The other issue is that most people are truly idiots. Period. Thanks, in LARGE part to ever more powerful corporations!

Comment We humans are IDIOTS!!! (Score 1) 228

Why must we find "white" lie-like crap to pretend it makes lives better?!

How about we all strive to stop fooling ourselves?!
If it is too dark (thus the need for more energy) when your alarm goes off, go back to bed. Get up when it is light; then put in your 8 hours - or whatever works as most productive for you.

And, while we are at it, PAY ATTENTION TO WHO YOU ARE VOTING FOR!!!

Comment It's freak'n laziness!!! (Score 1) 203

It is the fucking laziness that people have, brought on by general corporate subliminal brainwashing propaganda!

Open source projects like Linux and LibreOffice do not have heavy-handed, highly engineered social marketing to brainwash folks into their products.
They just have great, solid, supported products built truly By The People, For The People.

Yet, most humans are TOO fucking lazy to engage their brains of their OWN fruition and make the small effort to learn these easy products, andwould rather just keep plodding along with the rest of the (lemmings)!

Comment Re:Yeah (Score 1) 398

Agreed! This is bullshit!

Crap like this instills contempt for fellow citizens: How in the hell could anyone believe that Trump deserves this credit?!?!?!

It is obvious that the majority of citizens are not qualified (or just do not research candidates and their policies enough) to be choosing what should be a leader for ALL peoples.

Comment It's an overdue competition... (Score 1) 138

It is long overdue that Intel got some real competition.
Their CPUs are way overpriced. Note their 2016 company profits hit $7.5B on $17.5B revenue! REALLY?!

AMD has priced Ryzen, their answer to the i7, at less than half the price with higher performance.
This surely shows that Intel is likely gouging the market; which is unethical monopolistic antitrust behavior.

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