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Comment My take is... (Score 1) 305

My take is:
1) Smart move by the gov to improve Fed response to obvious urgent needs.
2) Global warming is a natural cycle here on Earth.
3) Based on all the research I have seen, global climate change (including warming) IS, in apparent fact, ACCELERATED by mankind's careless spewing.
4) Mankind would be prudent to get fully active on remediation ASAP.
5) Coastal dwellers need to understand, and accept responsibility for, choosing to live in such challenging locations.
6) Politicians need to take an extensive aptitude test prior to even running for office so as to prove that they have a grasp of how to UNDERSTAND issues, especially those that are out of their regular scope of education.
7) MONEY needs to be removed from all legislative and political endeavors (laws, elections, etc...); so as to allow PERTINENT FACTS to rule our decisions.
8) Corporations need to have their power severely curbed. Their ability to control anything at any capacity of more than ONE individual threatens any and most all of (us).

Comment Re:Its pretty important... (Score 1) 305

I am pretty sure that seafood will not go away with erosion.
It MAY even get better, and closer inland ;-).

Spilled oil, however, will adversely affect seafood production.

You may want to clarify some thinking here.
How do you figure that rising sea at the LA coastline affects seafood production?

Comment How about we just... (Score 1) 137

How about we just sue the producers for releasing content without subtitles - which discriminated against the hard of hearing?!

Yea. I know. This is a bit of a stretch, yet so is being a prick about a free feature. The producer should get the master, though!

Yet, we all know where this is going. It's all about the $$$$!

Comment Re:Of course (Score 1) 74

I would agree with this sentiment. Yet, would also like to point out another caveat...

88% discrepancy in any study, on any pool of subjects, seems worthy of a closer investigation.
There are, in fact, way too may misdiagnosed cases coming from our supposedly high quality medical profession.
I have, in fact, encountered a few shitty doctors here in the USA. One of them at the Mayo Clinic in AZ!

How about improving our medical system: Require second opinions for those relevant cases.
Then, after the diagnosis has been 100% confirmed, every involved diagnosing doctor gets a stat assigned; a running count of Accurate, Not, and Partial/Incomplete.
Then, patients can review a doctors stats to see who the incompetents are.

Comment HEY! Wait a minute! (Score 1) 341

I also have a great plan and intention of building out internet infrastructure!
Give ME $45million, too!
I promise to give most to my CEO and shareholders. Do a shitty job, squander the rest, and then demand more (as $45M is not enough).

On a serious note:
Profitable companies need to spend their OWN profits to make more money.
That is how for-profit invesments work.
If it fails, then your risk was called in!

I'll bet that $45M would be better invested in educating people to build out this infrastructure and bring tax revenue IN!

Comment I get it, yet, still... (Score 1) 227

I get it: producers need to pay for content. So, reasonable income streams seem fair.

Key word is REASONABLE.
Here, advertisers are likely paying more than reasonable since the service provider (Google) is forcing viewers to be subjected to bullshit, mind-numbing ads.

Herein lies a major issue: We, the people, reserve the right to protection from the offensive, insulting, mind-twisting ads intended to brainwash (as much as possible) viewers into buying (or even buying in to) the ads product (or thinking).
It is WRONG to be forced to endure an ad that subliminally suggests things like buying that car will catapult me into a class where I can get hot dates and a luxurious lifestyle!
I reserve the RIGHT to skip any ad that I want to.

So, a different model needs to be developed for paying, FAIRLY, for content.

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