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Comment Well, since we're all wondering.... (Score 2) 471

...I can think of a few interesting ways. they all start with cleaning the document of any metadata which points to you, then:

1. drop it on many small thumbdrives around your city/county & watch just about everyone get arrested.
2. buy a fax machine, find a landline no one's watching & fax to everywhere for which you can find a fax number.
3. zip it, label it as the latest Britney single and put it on limewire or rapidshare

Comment 1nm...feasibility? (Score 1) 234

The next step would be to determine how this could be made more dense and mass-produced. GaAs is already a common semiconductor substrate, but how difficult is it to deposit all those layers? 1nm = 10 angstroms is pretty thin to try to make consistenly if I'm not mistaken...

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