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Comment Re:Bladerunner... (Score 1) 1222

YES. I like the VO. It suits the style of the film perfectly.
"She walked through my door like a tigress walks into a Burmese orphanage — strawberry blonde and legs for hours. No dame her age could afford a coat like that, and the kinda makeup she had on gave me a good idea how she got it. She had bad news written on her like October of '29."

Comment Re:CA$3 to CA$5 per ride? (Score 1) 200

In Brisbane, Australia, bus trips would be around the A$5 mark. However, the fares are only about of the running cost of the service, and don't even come close to covering the capital costs. The subsidies come from the city council and the state government. Well, ultimately the ratepayers but you know what I mean.

Comment You're welcome (Score 1) 102

"Magic Mouse horizontal scroll without SHIFT key"
It's nice to see a suggestion taken on board and implemented. I use FCP X all day so side scrolling the timeline with the Magic Mouse is very important. When I used Audacity, I noticed it couldn't do that, which slowed my editing down significantly. I reported it, some communication happened, a screen recording was sent, then ... silence ... and now this. Thanks Audacity team. Happy. :-)

Comment Re:He's making it up as he goes along! (Score 1) 217

No idea if Trump made a deal. That's kind of my point. The twitterer is a journalist so he could at least use some of his journalistic superpowers to find a bit more out. Turns out this is a recycled deal that Intel has trotted out before. Would take a real journalist seconds to check this.

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