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Comment Re:Won't work in America (Score 1) 630

Sweden and Finland have system that do not only favor giving monetary service, but a lot of it is in additional education, so this really might save them some cost, because the real benefits of their system lays elsewhere.

I can't speak for Sweden, but at least when it comes to Finland, the justification for this experiment is that the amount paid is what people on unemployment already eventually get. But this consists of several different benefits which add a lot of bureaucracy - not only time-consuming for the unemployed themselves (living on social security actually requires quite a bit of effort dealing with various forms and agencies), but also requires a lot of people to handle all the applications, who surely could be doing something more productive instead. Whether the experiment will work or not (and should it be extended to everyone, including those who work, how will it be paid for?) we will see, but that is the rationale for it.

(and it is Finns, fins is what you have on fish)

Comment Re:Are you a sympathizer to the terrorists? (Score 4, Insightful) 354

Over three thousand people had perished in 9/11, and someone has to pay for the crime

Given the body count in both Afghanistan and Iraq (which, as was evident even when the war began, had fuck all to do with 9/11, but hey, collateral damage), it can be argued many people already have.

Comment Re:Not surprised (Score 1) 37

I recently pickedup a steam controller, and have been impressed with it overall. Its not going to replace keyboard and mouse for shooters for me; and its not going to replace my xbox 360 for twinstick games like binding of isaac... but it definitely has a niche where it is best in class.

Out of curiosity (haven't tried it myself), what niche is that? What kind of games? By the looks of it I'd say not fighting games at least.

Comment Re:it was just too long (Score 1) 175

- Trying to make everything epic. What ruined the soundtrack in LOTR (and The Hobbit), for me, was the fact that it never shut up. Not every scene requires grand accompaniment.

So much this. A good soundtrack can really enhance a movie. But it doesn't need to underline constantly whether I'm watching a dramatic scene or an action scene (as in LOTR and The Hobbit), or be a selection of the most obvious songs you could think of (Watchmen). As a matter of fact, I think the best soundtrack (or audio design really, as there isn't hardly any music) of recent years was No Country for Old Men. The results were tremendous, I don't think Anton Chigurh was any less terrifying despite not having a theme song accompanying him.

Comment Re:Here we go again (Score 4, Insightful) 1165

Finland has guns, but little gun crime. I suspect Finland has neither a melting pot of people that the US has and that it has a much better public health system for the poor and disadvantaged than the US does.

As a Finn, I must note (as was also mentioned in the article you linked, but this being /., probably not noticed) that hunting is a still moderately popular, at least in more rural areas. And those who hunt most likely have several rifles. Getting a hand gun requires joining a gun club at the very least. Those hunting rifles, they can be absolutely lethal, but not the optimal choice for mass killings. And while the Finnish economy may be crumbling as we speak, at least currently both social security and mental health services are available for those that require it (the latter in the form of medication, should you prefer therapy you better be able to pay for it or wait quite a while, or be an university student, they have their own health care).

Still, in terms of guns/capita, Finland ranks rather high. Also in homicides/capita. The homicides are mostly people drunk someplace indoors, an argument arises, someone takes a knife from the kitchen. Or along those lines, the streets are rather safe. But we as a nation are prone to both alcoholism and (perhaps due to said alcoholism) violent behaviour. I dread to think what the situation would be if hand guns were more readily available. So personally, I don't think guns should be banned altogether, but heavily regulated.

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