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Submission + - Killer app for stem cells - breasts (

TaeKwonDood writes: "Sure, stem cells have value, both real (adult) and potential (embryonic) but it's the killer app that puts technology on the map and stem cells have incurred something of a public relations problem finding one, just trying to cure diseases and such. A cosmetic surgeon in Austria has the solution for stem cell woes, namely giving them appeal throughout the civilized world by allowing women (and men) to have smaller butts and bigger breasts — at the same time. DDr. Karl-Georg Heinrich uses the patients own stem cell enriched fat from the big areas and injects it into the areas that need some bulk. Then the stem cells grow into new, living tissue, he says. In a few hours all of your body woes get eliminated so you can be objectified like you always wanted thanks to the amazing advances of science."

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