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Comment And Microsoft fragments the market more (Score 1) 174

Sucks to be you if you're one of the 10M+ people who already bought a 360 (or a few of them)! It seems stupid to put a new drive in the console now.

Let's count the number of different 360 configurations, shall we?
1. 360 with 20GB HDD
2. 360 with 120GB HDD
3. 360 with no HDD
4. 360 with any of the above and HD-DVD add-on (deceased)
5. And now... 360 with ??GB HDD and BD-ROM drive

This doesn't even account for differences in CPU die, etc! In the meantime developers are stuck designing for the LCD (least common denominator, not liquid crystal display!) so having all the extra stuff makes no difference in your games. Thanks MS, but I'll pass and get a PS3 with my HDTV.

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