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Comment Open communication protocols (Score 2) 138

Too bad all the comments above are about whether the BB is any good or not. They are not about the real issue: that it is shouldn't be news that some sort of communication stops working because of unsupported platform. If we all would be using open protocols for communication (like email, sms, irc, xmpp) instead of some proprietary centralized sillicon valley super .com's version of it, this wouldn't have been news. We would switch to another client or make one and not rely on whatever the .com's shareholders think is profitable. Facebook does not do what is best for internet users or does not do what is the best technical solution. They do whatever gives them the most amount of control for the least amount of money.

Comment Re:Lack of own server makes this happen (Score 1) 62

Why don't we have out own servers? Why can non-nerds carry around and operate a complicated computer in their pocket but why they cannot own and operate a "server". People already have a modem/router which is perfectly capable of storing any personal information you want.

The only reason we don't do it is, I guess, is that companies make money collecting our information and make it convenient enough for us to go along. If running your own server was as convenient/profitable, we would do it.

Comment Facts from the original Dutch source (Score 1) 117

The original Dutch article shows a letter from FIOD (Fiscal Information and Investigation Service) asking NFI (National Forensic Institute) to decrypt the contents of a Blackberry Curve 9320. NFI said the retrieve data from the phone using Cellebrite's UFED 4PC software and then decrypted it using NFI's own method.

The also say the receive a NFI report that describes the case where 279 out of 325 encrypted messages on a Blackberry 9720 could be decrypted.

Comment Re:Why the emphasis on Lets Encrypt? (Score 2) 123

If it is only a small part of data, that actually needs encryption — the password and the credit card number — you can do that (using the well-known and studied protocols) in JavaScript.

If... I personally would like to have everything encrypted, such as what I read on Slashdot or on Wikipedia.

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