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Comment Re:NSA has moderate confidence (Score 1) 734

Doesn't that just break down to - "Let me believe the clandestine agency whose actions at one point in time suits my belief system."

Or, and more likely, "I will trust the NSA over the CIA/FBI." is the best bit of trolling I've ever seen on slashdot.

Comment Re:'Developed a Clear Preference' For Trump (Score 1) 734

I dont think you get that California is the 6th largest economy in the WORLD. If they did secede, which i dont think will happen by the way, I think they'll have enough money to pay for water, food and those delicious texmex burritos.

Comment Scientists find that all events have effects (Score 1) 295

Less people dying will have impacts also on roadside clean-up crew, and mortuaries, and hospitals who'll have less business, and on motorcycle shops, and so on and on.

But you know what it will do? Save more lives. Which is unquestionably good. Even if one of the people who would have died while driving a car in 2020 were to be Ted Bundy. Because if we start being utilitarian with questions like this, the end result can never be good - because we can never foresee every eventuality, and therefore are forced to live with local maxima rather than any global optimum.

Sometimes I wonder at the headline writers and think whether they're genius trolls to elicit these reactions, or absolute morons. I thought the article was from the Onion. I guess I placed too high a value on it ...

Comment Re:I don't think so (Score 1) 456

The problem is that you can't prove conclusively that the task was difficult enough that nobody else *could* have done a great/better job. But the fact that she did a fantastic job is enough to say that she was right for the part and did a brilliant job in what turned out to be one of the most influential and iconic movies of all time.

Surely it's better than trying to prove the counterfactual!

Comment Re:Such as? (Score 2) 442

I feel like this response has been posted from an alternate universe, where Trump didn't insult Mexicans, Women, Veterans, War Heroes, Blacks, Hispanics, Gays, Liberals and ran an entirely emotion based campaign. In this universe, he moved back, forth and sideways on every single issue that he spoke on. Every single one. While Clinton tried her hardest to talk about policies, albeit in a political way, which isnt all that surprising since she's a politician, Trump basically ran the entire campaign on half-baked promises and with negligible policy proposals, interspersed with midnight tweets aimed at every random target he could think of, including the cast of fucking Hamilton and SNL *after* his election.

Christ, what a wonderful alternate universe it must be where none of this happened, and Clinton got out campaigned through rational arguments and depth of policy proposals. I'd like to live in this universe. It seems far nicer than this one.

Comment Re:Evidence, please. (Score 1) 531

You don't. Ban all contributions to electoral campaigns except by individuals, with an annual limit of $3,000.00 total per year. Remove all tax breaks for total donations over $100.00. Remove anonymous contributions.

The problem then, funnily enough, would be that you can only have self-funded megalomaniacs that can run - point in case, Trump.

Comment Re:heck of a choice (Score 1) 488

Donated != Gave.
Paid != Gave, either.

And when a real estate billionaire from new york appoints bankers by the bulk, I have issues. When he has millions outstanding from deutsche bank, amongst others.

Also, I really have to understand the logic of the wall street guys in your worldview. "I gave millions of dollars to the losing candidate, whom I was hoping to influence, but since I couldn't do that I decided to join the other side, who absolutely refuses to let me get my way." Please tell me how that's logical? I'm seriously asking here, not trying to get a rise - because I don't get it! I've worked on wall street, and not a single person I know would flip from "let's influence policy behind the scenes while we smoke cigars as fat cats" to "let's selflessly serve the nation's interest by serving under a dude who's been calling us names for a solid year" ...

Comment Re:"Just call me, we have no chain of command" (Score 1) 488

And if we keep the current pace previous presidents have set us on we will fail as a nation. Obamacare is about to run out of steam with costs rising 20-500% in the next year for pretty much everyone, Social Security has been bankrupted, national debt and budgets are way worse than some 3rd world countries, companies are fleeing, there will be a husk left if nothing gets done.

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