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Comment Re:So why are smart phones so expensive. (Score 1) 115

I think i found the model they where using A810 Wcdma 3G. It cost about $35 when buying a single unit.
But you could get it for less than $25 if you order atleast 500, and i also think you could reduce that price when buying without the cover. If they did well in negotiating I'm guessing around $10-20/unit

Comment Re:We fixed this in NL (Score 1) 151

Unfortunately I don't think that will help in this case. I use one of the other Swedish operators mobile data plan for my mobile and so far Skype and similar services work just fine, but the point is that by using them I violate the service terms since it clearly states that "Trafik för fildeling och IP-Telefoni ingår ej" i.e p2p and voip trafic is not included. So I guess that they legally can charge whatever fee they want for this trafic...

Submission + - Independent confirmation of cold fusion of hydroge (

Zephir_AWT writes: "Italian physicist Francesco Celani stated that he has created low energy nuclear reactions similar to those achieved in Andrea Rossi’s fusor. Celani told participants at the Coherence 2011 Cold Fusion Conference in Rome on December 14 that he had conducted cold fusion experiments using nickel and hydrogen. Celani said he was able to create a “cold fusion cell” that yielded 200% excess thermal energy."

Submission + - Apple takes patent attacks in a new direction (

zacharye writes: Apple’s aggressive patent strategy has hit a few speed bumps lately. The Cupertino, California-based company won an injunction on sales of Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Australia, but the ban was recently overturned. A German court then sided with Motorola in a retaliatory lawsuit, ordering an injunction on Apple’s iPhone and iPad, and declaring that European Apple subsidiary Apple Sales International pay damages related to the infringement. Finally, earlier this week, the U.S. International Trade Commission ruled that HTC devices were not infringing on three Apple-owned patents. The ITC determined that a number of HTC devices did infringe on one Apple patent, but the Taiwan-based vendor already made it clear that a simple change will allow it to avoid the related injunction. Apropos, Apple’s legal team has decided to expand its efforts beyond patents covering technology integral to the function of its mobile products. Now, it will also attack competitors over their smartphone and tablet cases...

Comment Re:Let's be accurate here (Score 1) 815

I find this fascinating, here in Sweden the tap water is by all standards excellent and inexpensive. I can get 1m^3 water for around $1,5 from the tap or buy 0,5l of bottled water for roughly the same price.
People doesn't seam to mind thou, and gladly pay for inferior water, that is more expensive than the gas they put in their cars...

Comment Re:Markup is pretty impressive on these things. (Score 1) 698

People call me cynical but in my humble opinion I think this has largely to do with the age group and predicament of the buyers.
If your target group was people aged 25-45 who just wanted to improve their hearing, they would not pay more than say $200-300 for a top-of-the-line unit...
If your age group is 70+ years of age and not so familiar with the general prices of IC-powerd devices and in dire need of said device to function in a normal way; then you can simply charge them for all their life savings if you want.

Comment Re:It has been a generation since 1994. (Score 4, Funny) 254

Its not as if generations move through the industry in a block, like tribal age-group initiates.

Why do you tell me this now?
Does this mean that my initiation rite was all bogus?
Is the tribal tattoo made with the old IBM dot matrix printer and the piercings made with the hole card puncher just a way to make fun of me?

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