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Comment Turn it off. (Score 4, Funny) 112

Please don't. My company is building tools that help businesses understand their customers through WiFi. We're having to waste a lot of time building heuristics that determine whose MAC switched when they blip off and a new one randomly appears. We're barely off the ground with this stuff, now we're probably going to have to build new heuristics for Android devices.

I will say that the good part of this is the product managers now understand we can't track real people, which was never our intent, but was possible given the long-lived nature of MACs. I just wish they'd randomize in the middle of the night when charging.

Comment Re:An educated workforce (Score 1) 164

It absolutely does. I worked for the largest Tech Engineering firm in the state a few years ago. It's relocating to Denver, so there goes all the talent. And I mean all the talent. Filling seats was about the hardest part of our job. No one else was doing what we were doing in Billings, the largest city. Of course, Bozeman and Missoula have cheaper student labor, so maybe they can make it work there. But those are also the most expensive cities so the cheap part is out the window.

Comment Re:Herp, meet Derp (Score 1, Insightful) 547

Your phone company logs your calls and you probably have a webcam in your laptop, which is likely in your living room. That you are worried once the NSA has a call log with your phone number and that a Microsoft device is the one with the webcam makes you seem paranoid.

Out of curiosity, if the Xbox One were exactly as it was announced except that the OS was open-source, would you be less concerned about the always on camera?

Comment Re:Constitution (Score 1) 568

It prevents them from passing good laws. When a bill is high profile, a politician is an extension of his base supporters, not a reasonable human being looking out for the best interests of the country. Nothing good happens when politicians feel they have to appease their base.

Comment Re:Is there an app bubble? (Score 1) 240

Yes, definitely. It's not glamorous, but support apps are huge. By that I mean apps that support a business model, rather than being the business model. My company builds free mobile apps that work with our hardware. We will continue to support the apps as long as the hardware is bringing in the money. And boy, do they bring in the money.

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