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Comment Re:Kind of pissed... (Score 1) 89

... that they release this about two weeks after I'd given up and ported my GV # away. I had put up with years of MMS/SMS frustration. They must have changed their default SMS app three or four times. All my contacts had two #s for me despite me trying to do everything I possibly could to prevent that. Porting to T-mobile was such a nightmare experience (5 days, 3 hours on the phone, 2 visits to store (avoid the stores)) that I'm hesitant to port it back. Guess I'll just get a new GV # and see if it is really going to be worth it. Can't say I really trust Google not to fuck it up (or change it often enough to be irritating) again.

mms works but not good luck really telling what people are trying to say in 2017

Asus N10 Review — the First Netbook For Gaming 126

Kim Hawley writes "Mobile Computer has a review of another new netbook from Asus. The N10 comes from Asus’ notebook division rather than its Eee PC division, and has an impressive specification. Most notable are the ExpressCard/34 slot and switchable nVidia GeForce 9300M graphics, and the video shows the N10 playing Call of Duty 4 very smoothly. Pre-orders in the US are around $600 – about the same as the Eee PC 1000. The N10 is closer to a traditional laptop than a true netbook, though – is feature-creep killing this new market already?"

Google To Fund Ideas That Will Change the World 165

Peace Corps Online writes "This week, as part of their tenth birthday celebration, Google announced the launch of project ten to the 100th, a project designed to inspire and fund the development of ideas that will help to change the world. They have called on members of the public to share their ideas for solutions that will help as many people as possible in the global community, offering a $10 million prize pool to back the development of those chosen as winners. 'We know there are countless brilliant ideas that need funding and support to come to fruition,' says Bethany Poole, Project Marketing Manager for Google. 'These ideas can be big or small, technology-driven or brilliantly simple — but they need to have impact.' The project's website asks entrants to classify their ideas into one of eight categories listed as Community, Opportunity, Energy, Environment, Health, Education, Shelter and Everything Else. Members of the public have until October 20th to submit their ideas by completing a simple form and answering a few short questions about their idea."

Comment common place (Score 5, Interesting) 607

i've found this to be true in almost every company that i've worked for. tech workers are looked down upon, because people only ever come to us when things go badly and most of us literally "sit on our asses", which they dont see as working. so we're seen as lazy and bad at what we do, because if we were any good at it, they wouldn't be having whatever problem they're having. the best way i've found to combat this is to be honest with your departmental managers and hope that they can spread some love

Submission + - Anonimizing browser built-into bittorrent client (

markybob writes: "An open-source bittorrent client, Deluge, now provides an internal, anonimizing browser to protect its users from overzealous ISPs. The client runs on Windows, Linux and OS X. From the site: "Everyone knows that it is common practice for ISPs to do their best to either block or throttle bittorrent users. We believe that this is wrong and unethical, as there are many legal uses for bittorrent. If an ISP is throttling or blocking bittorrent traffic, you can pretty much bet that they're tracking which users visit bittorrent-related sites so that they can better block or throttle those users." Their forum has more info"

Submission + - Open-Source p2p Developer takes on Mark Cuban (

markybob writes: "The lead developer of Deluge Torrent, a GPL, cross-platform BitTorrent client, has personally taken on billionaire Mark Cuban. Cuban, who clained that all p2p users are freeloaders and rob him of his internet speed, has yet to comment. If this ends up going to court, it could very seriously be a deciding factor in America when it comes to p2p and the internet as a whole."

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